Hum Tv Drama Serial “Pagli” Cast, Story & OST

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(Last Updated On: 09/09/2019)

Pakistani drama industry has produced some of the best drama serials of all time because of the content and story of the dramas. These dramas have been a major success because they are related to the story of the people in one way or the other and that is why they are considered to be a hit amongst everyone else. One such drama serial that has been up in the minds of people is Pagli which stars Hira Maani in the lead role. The drama serial is based on the life of a woman who is suffering from a memory disorder and forgets things.

Cast of Drama Serial “Pagli “:

Apart from Hira Maani, the other cast includes Noor Hassan, Hina Altaf, Mahmood Aslam, and Asim Azhar in the lead roles. In the drama, Hira Maani loses her memory and leaves her home and then starts to live in the house of Noor Hassan, who is a psychiatrist. In the drama, Hira Mani is shown as a confident girl who even feels that the house she is living in is her own house. The girl shown in the drama is one that is confident and takes everyone along who is intelligent and witty at the same time, a combination that you can rarely find.

Story of Drama Serial “Pagli “:

The drama serial has got good humor along with different twists in the plot that you are looking for. The drama is different from the typical dramas that we see on television screens and is based on the life of a woman who has a memory disorder. This interesting plot is what makes it interesting to watch the drama as there are no typical issues in it that you usually get to see in the dramas and the content is different as well. The drama serial is based on the novel of Shaukat Thanvi and is directed by Ali Masood.

OST of Drama Serial “Pagli ” :

The Teaser of Drama Serial “Pagli “:

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