Abid Ali Daughter Rahma Ali Message for his Stepmom Rabia Noureen

Famous actor and star Abid Ali have passed away. He was believed to be one of the greatest stars of all times started his career from Quetta radio station. Yet another important thing is that he was considered to be one of the famous actors and producers of his time. He was not feeling well for three days because of heart pain which worsened with time and he was later admitted in the hospital where he breathe his last and was not able to recover from his bad health condition and died. As he had married twice as he divorced 1st wife. After his death, his second wife took his body to his home and didn’t inform about that to his first wife family.

In this scenario, his first wife daughter Rehma Abid appealed on Instagram that please provide him to mourn for his father body for the last time. Since he was his father and he is feeling very bad at the moment to not be able to see his face for the one last time. Along with that she also added that his father second wife told them via their relative that they have no relationship with them and they must not care about his father death. This situation shows the vulnerable family links between one of the greatest legend of all time.

Many people took social media to criticize the role of the second wife that what she has done must be taken with extreme care and she must be punished for her acts as she has no right to stop one’s daughter from seeing his father for the last time. As this situation has worsened and has caused a trauma situation for the daughter of his first wife. It is believed that whatever links he had with his first wife. He did love his daughters a lot and supported them with anything he could but on his funeral, they were not able to attend it.

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