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Extension of Pakistan Army Chief Gen Bajwa

Pakistan is going through a very rough patch since its inception and specially since last decade. The main reason for the current economic situation in Pakistan is said to be the law and order situation in Pakistan. Fortunately, the law and order situation has been improved in the country since the last five years. Army plays a very critical role in maintaining law and order situation in the case of Pakistan through its troops and intelligence agencies. Currently, Pakistan is fighting proxy wars against many countries specially against India. Which means that Pakistan in a state of war against many opponents. Currently, the Prime Minister and Army chief of Pakistan is considered to be on the same page on many issues a surprising but a good sign for the nation. Which can also be noted from the current breaking news that the Prime Minister has recently decided to extend the duration of army chief for another 3 years which was going to end this year.

This decision has received both criticism and appreciation as few people giving extension will halt many promotions in the army while the majority of the people believe that this decision is the need of the hour. As currently, the top brass of the country is on the same page on many issues. Which may not be the case if the new army chief is appointed which may result in fatal damages for the country.

Majority of people of Pakistan have rejected the propaganda against this action by saying that with roses we have to bear some pickle as well. And showed their joy by distributing sweets in the country. People of Pakistan love their army by giving their full support to it no matter what is the situation. Also, the Army has also helped their nations in all disasters and are known as the brave son of motherland pledged to defend the country by their blood. People are believing that the decision of giving an extension to giving army chief will prove fruitfull for Pakistan.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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