Irfan Junejo Defends his Position on Kashmir

Irfan Junejo is in hot waters these days. The people are well aware of the controversy that has erupted after his statement regarding the Kashmir issue. The popular YouTuber was criticized when he said that he does not intend to share any views on the Kashmir issue. After his statement became public, the fan following was considerably reduced. The hate message was in the air from his regular followers. Smelling something fishy around him he chose to come up with a new video to defend his stance and tell the world what is the real side of the story. In the opening part of the video he very clearly narrated that he does not intend to discuss Kashmir in the video, instead, he wants to stop the people who are bashing him without knowing the real side of the story.

In his opening remarks, he stated that by no means he wants to say that the Kashmir problem is something insignificant. It is an equally important issue just like there are other similar issues. He showed his grief n the recent happenings in the Kashmir. Being a human being with a sensitive soul, he can feel the pain in the eyes of the poor Kashmiris who are ruthlessly being killed. Besides the intensity of the problem he still wants to discuss the real theme of the video, he has uploaded.

Irfan junejo after coming to the point said that his social media pages are filled with the messages that he would call harassment. People are passing indecent comments and forcing him to come up with a video about the Kashmir. He made it clear that no matter what these people say he by no means will create any such video. Irfan junejo added that he wants to stay away from the political and religious controversies. If he did not do anything for the martyrs of Hazara, missing Shia people, and similar then he will not make anything on Kashmir too.



Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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