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Mobile phones have become a popular means of communication. They make connectivity really easy and swift. Now there is no need to wait long for the message delivery. You can link with the loved ones easily through the mobiles with just one click. It is the call and the SMS service that makes communication even easier and swifter. The services are provided with the help of the mobile companies. Pakistan is not a much different case. A number of companies are facilitating the users and zong is one of them. Besides affordable regular call and SMS rates the company offers daily, weekly and monthly call and SMS packages for further ease and convenience. The popular bundles and packages in this regard are as follows:


Daily packages

Zong daily call packages (prepaid)

  1. Zong super student offer is an excellent and opportunity even for the students. It gives unlimited calls opportunity in just 5 Rs. This bundle can be used for 2 consecutive hours.
  2. Daily shaandar offer gives unlimited talk time for 24hours in just PKR 12.
  3. Daily unlimited offer gives unlimited talk time for one whole day. It also costs just Rs.12.
  4. Hello offer is popular for one whole day talk time that can be bought in Rs.12.
  5. Flutter offer also costs Rs.12 like the previous one but offers 120 on net minutes for 1 co. along with the talk time it also includes 1200 SMS and 50 MB internet.
  6. Full gup offer is a great choice for frequent callers in just Rs.5. In just this cost the user can enjoy 75 on net minutes for 1 day.
  7. Sixes costs Rs.8 and renders unlimited talk time along with 500 SMS and 1 MB data. It can be availed for 1 day between 6 AM and 6 PM.
  8. Non stop offer requires Rs.10 for the unlimited calls. You can also enjoy 1 MB data along with it as freebies. This is valid from 7 PM till 10 PM.

Zong daily SMS packages

  1. Zong Zulu SMS bundle can be bought for Rs. 3. It allows you to share 500 SMS in one day.
  2. Zong daily SMS and whatsapp bundle also costs Rs. 3 and in return gives 500 SMS and 30 MBs to be used in one day.
  3. Zong full gup package costs Rs. 5 and gives you 100 SMS. You also get 75 free on-net minutes and 30 free MBs.
  4. Zong sixes plus package gives you 10000 on-net minutes and 500 free SMS in only Rs. 8.
  5. Zong perfect package gives you 500 SMS, 40 MBs and 10000 on-net minutes in Rs. 12 for 1 day.
  6. Zong shandaar daily package is also available in Rs.12. it gives you 800 SMS, 50 MBs of internet and unlimited on-net minutes.

Weekly packages

Zong weekly call packages

  1. Shaandar haftawar offer gives 1000 on net and 50 off net minutes in Rs. 75 for 7 days.
  2. Weekly unlimited offer gives unlimited calls for one whole week for just Rs.63.
  3. Hello 7 days offer has 100 daily Zong minutes for 7 days.
  4. Haftaawar load offer allows using 1500 on net minutes for 7 days in Rs.180.

Zong weekly SMS packages

  1. Zong weekly SMS bundle can be subscribed in just Rs.26.40. this gives the opportunity to use 1500 SMS.
  2. Zong shandaar weekly package is a comprehensive yet very practical option for those who want to get more in minimum. With this package enjoy 500 free SMS in just Rs.120.

Monthly packages

Zong monthly call packages

  1. Supreme offer lets you enjoy 4000 on net minutes in just Rs.799 for one whole month.
  2. Monthly unlimited offer gives unlimited talk time from 30 days after the subscription with Rs.255 in the pocket.
  3. Shandaar mahana offer gives access to 1000 on net minutes for one month in Rs.300.
  4. All in one monthly comes in three different variations. The user can enjoy 2000 on net minutes and unlimited call option by just paying Rs. 500, 599 0r 700 respectively.

Zong monthly SMS packages

  1. Zong supreme gives access to 5000 MBs in Rs.1000 in a month.

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