Jazz Prepaid Internet Packages 2019


The rise of the internet has been radical in Pakistan where the number of users of 3G and 4G has increased significantly over the last couple of years. This has also led to a change in the strategy of telecom companies who are now focusing on providing customers with better data plans rather than voice call and messages plans. Jazz is one of the telecom companies that is providing some of the best internet packages to the customers that too at an amazing rate with 3G and 4G coverage across the country. We will now take you through the internet packages that Jazz is offering for its prepaid customers.


Daily Social

The daily social package gives users 500 MB of data to use Facebook or Whatsapp for all day long in just Rs. 5.98 inclusive of all taxes.

Weekly Streamer

The weekly streamer internet provides 1 GB of internet for one week in just Rs. 95 inclusive of all taxes.

Weekly Mega

The weekly mega internet bundle offers 5 GB of the internet to the users for complete one week for only Rs. 190 inclusive of all taxes.

Weekly Mega Plus

Another weekly offer that Jazz has for its prepaid customers is the Weekly Mega Plus offer. Through this offer, you can get 20 GB of data for a whole week as well as the free subscription of the Jazz TV app. The offer is available for Rs. 240 inclusive of all taxes.


Weekly Premium

The weekly premium offer is another weekly offer that Jazz has. Through this offers, prepaid customers can get 2 GB of internet for the whole week in just Rs. 131 inclusive of all taxes.

Monthly Browser

The monthly browser deal provides you with lightning fast internet for a whole month for Rs. 210 inclusive of taxes. For a whole month, you can get 2.5 GB of internet data.

Monthly Mega

The monthly Mega offers 4.2 GB of 3G internet data for the whole month. The package is available for Rs. 359 inclusive of all taxes.

Monthly Mega Plus

This package is an upgrade of the Monthly Mega package and it provides 7.5 GB of internet for a whole month. The package can be subscribed by prepaid users for Rs. 598 inclusive of taxes.

Monthly Supreme

Another monthly package that Jazz prepaid is offering to the customers is 12 GB of internet for the complete month to stay connected. The monthly supreme can be subscribed for Rs. 897 inclusive of all taxes.

Hourly Extreme

The hourly extreme package provides you with an hour of internet service for just Rs. 20.32 inclusive of all taxes. You can use up to 2 GB of internet for an hour.

3 Day Extreme

The 3-day extreme package gives 500 MB of the internet for 3 days with the validity time of the use of package being 2 AM to 2 PM. The package can be subscribed for Rs. 17.90.

Daily Social Recursive

This package offer use of Whatsapp and Facebook on Jazz Super 4G for one day with a limit of 200 MBs for Rs. 5.98 inclusive of all taxes.


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