Naimal Khan Leaves the World of Entertainment After Marriage

The recent celebrity bride to be Naimal Khan who is about to enter into a wedlock with the popular entertainment star Hamza Ali Abbasi has surprised the fans with another announcement. She said that she will quit the world of entertainment after getting married. Naimal posted this on her Instagram account.

The news of the wedding of both stars became viral news after the card of their nikah and walima appeared on social media. The card said that the nikah will be on the 25th followed by the waleema on the 26th of the current month. The mayoon photographs are already out on Instagram.

The fans were actually surprised when the card was out. The surprise was not because the two stars were getting married but actually because the two were hardly seen together nor were they discussed by anyone on any social media network. The truth of the relationship was made public after the news of the wedding. The card actually appeared on Twitter on the 20th of August.

Now when the thing is confirmed by the groom to be, there is no doubt about the new relationship to begin soon. Following this, the post appeared on the Instagram in which Naimal mentioned that she is blessed to have a long list of the fans that have always supported her in her journey. She feels proud to see how people have loved her. She further added that she wants the fans to be a part of the new journey of her life.

She was clear that in this journey she plans to quit the acting career. She said that she is happy with what she has done and at this point, she wants to leave the world of entertainment. The fans would not see her again on the screen. She wants her fans to pray for her happy and prosperous life even if she is not there on the screen.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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