Whatsapp Update: New Feature How many times Your Message Forwarded

Whatsapp is known as today best application enabling people to audio call, video call or text easily without any charges and you just need an internet connection to use this app. Since it’s launching its users are increasing day by day. Whatsapp has created ease in the life of millions as with this app one can easily share videos along with documents without any hassle. Whatsapp also offers its users to create and join groups of their own choices through which one can join its family group enabling it to interact with its family members easily.

One may join any informative group enabling it to remain up to date with current affairs but with many benefits it has few demerits like it assists people to spread fake news by allowing people to throw fake news in as many groups as they are joining it which can cause a bad law and order situation in any region. To curb this issue WhatsApp has created a new feature which is that people will now be able to access that how many times that message has been forwarded as the new forward sign will enable the user to know if the message has been forwarded more than five times.

Also, this message will prove beneficial to marketers as well as they will also be able to know that how much reach they have been able to secure. This latest update of WhatsApp has been welcomed by people all over the globe but many people are thinking this may be the start of tools like Google have with the name Google Analytics or Facebook has with the name Facebook analytics. Which means there are many new advancements yet to come. This new option in WhatsApp may be in the first drop of advancements yet to reveal.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

Arooj Ahmed is a professional content writer and have been working as a content writer from last 5 years. Pakistani Fashion and local social media topics are her major niches. Apart from that, She have worked on tech product reviews for 2 years with renowned tech companies. She's always open for new tips and write ups, feel free to connect.

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