Prime Minister Imran Khan – Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize

Prime Minister Imran Khan was included in the list of various potential candidates by the editorial board of a US-based publication for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was selected in the nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize for he released the IAF Wing Commander named Abhinandan Varthaman.

The Science Monitor gave a title to PM Imran as one of the great nominees for the peaceful leadership. It was highlighted in view of the premier’s handling of the current tensions between India and Pakistan, that intensified after New Delhi’s unsubstantiated condemnation after the 14th of February Pulwama suicide bombing event.

PM Imran addressed saying that he offered every possible help in the investigation which was turned down by India charged as war hysteria.

The Indian Air Force tried violating Pakistani airspace on 24th of February. The country’s top military and civil leadership announced the violation as “uncalled for aggression” and told that the country would present its response at a ‘time and place of its choosing’. When a day passed, Pakistan killed two Indian fighters by shooting them down who tried to violate its airspace and caught a pilot. These tensions made many concerns of all-out war between India and Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan gave India a warning of catastrophic consequence.

After a few days passed, Premier Imran declared in an address to parliament, that Islamabad would leave IAF Wing Commander known as Abhinandan Varthaman. But Imran Khan changed his decision suddenly. He released the Indian fighter pilot who was shot down by Pak-force inside Pakistan,” said Christian Science Monitor.


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