Saudi Women can Travel Without Approval of Male Guardian

The fingers were always raised towards the regimes in Saudi Arabia for being too rigid for the women. Although wearing hijab is religiously justified, but on the other hand, they had put unnecessary limitations on their lives. They were not allowed to move around without a mahram. Driving car was even not allowed, calling it something beyond the teachings of Islam. It is not something which by any means is supported by Islam. Islam gives full liberty to women to move around in society and do the chores to assist the male counter, although there are certain boundaries mentioned to this. One such restriction on the women was to seek prior permission of the male guardian to travel abroad.

Over the last few years, a liberal current is swapping the circumstances. The governments are easing the restrictions on women. They are now able to drive a car, move in the towns, etc. Despite this, they had been trying hard to get permission to travel without the consent of the male guardian. The step was finally taken on Friday. The government has announced to give leverage to the women above the age of 21. As per the new rule, it is mentioned that women aged 21 and above can now travel without the consent of the male guardian. They can now apply for the passport and the visa. Among the other things added to the law were the rights of registering the births, marriages, and even divorces. This amendment is part of the other relaxations given to the women in the country.

The step has brought happiness among the female ranks although some of the people have given bitter criticism on the issue too. The government expects that these steps will uplift their lost impression in the world.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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