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Rawalpindi boy “Zafar Supari” is arrested

We always hear negative aspects about the police of Pakistan, whenever we talked about the police we think that they work under some political influence using the power negatively provided by the state, but as someone said all five fingers are not same! We have some really dedicated police officers who work with honesty without any fear or without any influence.

The brave policeman CPO Faisal Rana arrested Zafar supari and become the reason of pride for Pakistan. The story behind this incident is, Zafar supari friend who was a Numberdad name Asad hit a rikshaw by his car just in front of police picket on Harley Street. The poor rickshaw driver claimed that he was coming from Lal Kurti and going to Bakra Mandi when the rickshaw driver asked the Numberdad why did you hit me? The Numbered without any reason took out his pistol and pointed on his head. This was the reason the Asad Numberdad arrested by RA bazaar police for in district of Rawalpindi.

Asad Numberdad according to the news was also accused in the murder case of provincial law minister Raja Bashart’s nephew. He also had been a Union Council Chairman in past.

Zafar supari who was very famous for flaunting dangerous weapons and gold jewelry on social media just went to the police station to release his friend also caught by the police. The Rawalpindi police had a statement that they already had a haunted eye on Zafar supari for his continuous illegal activities on social media.

According to the police, Zafar supari was wanted by police for a long time. Police claimed that Zafar supari had a relationship with 20 most known criminals of Rawalpindi.

Zafar supari was locked up for a night in Rawalpindi police station and kept under strict observation of police. We should appreciate our brave police officers for this powerful act against the criminals so that they get motivated to spend their lives to build a new Pakistan.

Rawalpindi’s ‘gold boy’ Zafar Supari arrested

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