Shehreyar Munawar Wants Bollywood Movies Screened in Pakistan

There is no secret in it that Pakistani actors and actresses are no longer working in Bollywood and whatever projects they were doing have ended. All these things happened as tensions between India and Pakistan increased in the month of February where both the countries were involved in a dog fight as well in which an Indian pilot was captured by Pakistan. After this Pakistan also banned the screening of Indian movies in the country after India had refused to release Pakistani movies. The situation has not improved yet and actor Sheheryar Munawar has now spoken up on the ban that has been imposed on Bollywood movies.

According to Sheheryar Munawar, the ban on Indian movies will only hurt the cinema owners as Bollywood movies were contributing a major chunk to their revenue. If these Bollywood movies ban is extended that the cinema owners will suffer heavy losses in the coming time. He said that Pakistan needs to have strong cinemas in order to make its industry thrive and the current situation will not yield any cinemas in the country. He said that right now we need to screen Bollywood movies so that we are able to build strong cinemas and screen many movies at one time.

Shehreyar Munawar also said that the cinema owners should have the rights to buy Bollywood and Hollywood movies so that they are able to build their cinemas. Right now the cinema business is only showing Pakistani and Hollywood movies and cinema owners are losing a huge chunk of revenue due to the ban on Bollywood movies. The Pakistani movies released in this time period have also failed to create any impact and hardly any movie has been a blockbuster in the recent past of the cinema.

I completely understand that it should be a cross border kind of thing but the back-channel diplomacy has always been through arts. We need to see reality as well. We need to build your cinemas strong and for that, we need to screen bollywood movies.

In order to build our cinemas strong, we need to screen many movies and cinema owners should have rights to buy hollywood and bollywood movies.

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