Some Children Never Leave Our Hearts, APS Attack

December 16th maybe someone’s birthday, someone’s first day at work, a couples wedding anniversary but in Pakistan, it is a scarred day, a day full of pain.

Today marks the day when a painful, heart-wrenching incident, took place 5 years ago. Who would ever think grown-up men would hurt innocent souls, children who went to school to become humble people.

Tragedy Struck

16th December marks the day when an innocent group of children, boys, and girls, of all ages, were killed in a terrorist attack. Army Public School, also known as APS, in Peshawar was the school to face this unfortunate tragic attack.

Five years ago when parents happily sent their children to board their respective vans to go to school, blessed with prayers and love, they were not aware they would not see their precious children ever again.

The Tehrik-I-Taliban conducted this terrorist attack with full power and no remorse. Interestingly, the militants who were involved in the attack were all foreigners, consisting of a Chechen, 3 Arabs and two Afghans. They entered the school premises and attacked the staff and children without a second thought.

A hurtful figure of 149 people, including 132 school children were tragically killed. The main attack started at 10:30 AM when most students were situated in the auditorium and were being briefed on a first aid training. Although the students aimed to save themselves by using the two main exits, they were eventually gunned down in the garden.

The attackers took full responsibility for the killings and said this was their response in terms of revenge for Operation Zarb E Azb.


This attack received an outcry from all over the world. The reaction was immense and filled with worry yet unity to fight terrorism. Pakistanis all over the world demonstrated concern and showed sympathy for the deceased loved ones. Apart from that person from all over the world gathered with the Pakistani community and showed support in this time of pain. Candle nights were often conducted in memory of loved ones who were lost in the attack.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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