Tania Aidrus Ex-Google Executive to Lead Digital Pakistan Campaign

Pakistan is way behind other countries when it comes to technology. And that is one area that the government of Pakistan is looking to improve. And for that purpose PM Imran Khan launched a Digital Pakistan campaign. And that particular campaign will now be led by none other than Tania Aidrus, an ex-Google executive the new campaign launched aims to provide digitalization knowledge to the masses and improve the overall digitalization ratio of the country. Tania will be looking to take this program to a level where every other person has an internet connection and is connected with everyone else through digital platforms.

Tania has a vast experience of digitalization and technology and it will come in handy to run this campaign. She was working as Chief of Staff and Head of Strategic Initiatives at Google. She left that job just to return to Pakistan and give the motherland something back. Tania before working at Google founded ClickDiagnostics, in which a diagnostic company will connect with the patients from the rural areas. Tania said that her reforms were emailed to the Prime Minister and after that she started meeting the federal cabinet and even the Prime Minister himself before taking up this role. She said that technology is growing at a rapid pace and they need to catch up with it now or it will be too late.

Tania said that she has a slogan for the new campaign which is “roti, kapra, makaan, aur internet”. She said that just like roti, kapra, and makaan are important for people, the internet is of the same importance for everyone. She said that having a good stable internet connection is now a right of every Pakistani and we need to work on this to provide them this right. Tania said that the lack of technological penetration in the country is the main reason why we are lagging behind. Tania aims to put Pakistan on the technology map and support different startups so that they can star their operations in no time. It needs to be seen what changes Tania brings in but one thing is sure that she is the right person for the job.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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