3 Best Turkish Series on Netflix to Watch

Ever since the lockdown was announced in different parts of the country, people have been finding different ways to kill time and avoid boredom. To stay sane in such uncertain times, one has to have some entertainment. While people have been finding different ways to entertain themselves, binge-watching favorite shows and series have taken the top slot. Whether it’s TV or YouTube, Hollywood or Bollywood, Torrent or Netflix, all of us are spending a good amount of time of the day sticking to our screens.

People who love watching series know how worth spending time on it is when a good show appears on the screens. As you keep binge-watching your favorite ones and don’t want to destroy your mood stumbling upon a bad one while trying to discover good shows, do not worry because we got you covered. We have brought you some recommendations to save your time. Here are the three best Turkish series to binge-watch on Netflix.

The Gift:

The first of our recommendations is “The Gift”. Set in Istanbul, it is a personal journey of a character named Atiya who’s a painter. She embarks on a personal journey when she discovers a symbol at a dig site, resulting in twists and turns of the story. She unearths universal secrets about the archeological site and its link to her past. The series keeps you hooked to the screens as story unfolds.

“Hakan: Muhafiz”:

The next recommendation on the list is “Hakan: Muhafiz”. Also known as “The Protector”, it is an engaging series that combines modern with mystical. The protagonist named Hakan is such a well-rounded yet relatable character who goes after his dreams and later evolves into a Protector. He’s not the ideal hero that you can only visualize, rather has imperfect and immature sides to him as well making him a human. The storyline is intriguing and keeps you engaged throughout. Other than Hakan who’s at his finest in the show, the whole cast is well polished and the acting is fun to watch.

Drillis Ertrugal:

The last but definitely not the least is Drillis Ertrugal. It is a powerful historical fiction partly based on true events of the past. Tribes, traditions, spirituality, faith, honor, values love, war and religious divide; you get to watch it all in this series. The series is long but definitely worth the watch. Did you know that even our Prime Minister asked people to watch this series? They are available on Netflix and the trailers are available on YouTube too.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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