Actress Alizey Pictures and Videos Got Viral

Leaked pictures become hype on social media these days, celebrities, stage performer and tiktokers are victims of these trends.

Recently Ehd-e-Wafa star Alizey Shah nude pictures and photos with her boyfriend gone viral which were supposed to leak by his boyfriend after their breakup and due to these pictures Alizey lose their fans from Instagram still no response has been coming from Alizey side.

Stage performer Afreen khan is also a victim of this leaked nude photos, moreover, famous star Alizey Shah had a huge fan following but unfortunately its all finished now. People are degrading the viral pictures of Alizey Shah.

Those people who are using social media negatively by ruining individuals respect are very cruel and rude, and those who are sharing and promoting this act are not less than worse. Respect of every individual and woman should be prior as any individual have.

And this is unfair if you are closed to someone or maybe in a relationship spending most of your time with each other but after breakup boys used to open up the privacy and used to blackmail girls for the sake of money and revenge.

The main problem of this generation is their sick mentality and their frustration they do not want to be sincere in any relationship either in marriage or in so-called relationships of these days

What my opinion in this viral trend is there should be a censorship on the websites or in Facebook as well officially by the policy of sites so if somebody promote these type of content will be deleted by first hand and first side and most importantly, users should have to know the ethics and usage of any content besides, what rights each individual has. If it is happening with someone else it can happen with you as well because karma can be happened with anyone and anywhere. Therefore, there should be officially any kind of Act from Parliament and cybercrime agency to stop this nonsense. So, that nobody could ever think of doing this and learn to respect every individual’s privacy.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

Arooj Ahmed is a professional content writer and have been working as a content writer from last 5 years. Pakistani Fashion and local social media topics are her major niches. Apart from that, She have worked on tech product reviews for 2 years with renowned tech companies. She's always open for new tips and write ups, feel free to connect.

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