Asim Azhar New Song “Tum Tum”

After a long time, Jo Tu Na Mila singer Asim Azhar released a song that had Marijuana Shamoon Ismail, Young Stunners, Raamis, Talhah Yunus, and Talhah Anjum while the singer of Gehlat Fhmi has introduced Areeqa Haq in the industry through this song. Besides, you would see Hania Amir, Asad Siddiqui and Youtube Influencer Mooroo in the song.

The song gained more than 1.5 millions views within 24 hours but the song was not worthy to listen. Although Rung and Tera Who Pyaar singer wrote the lyrics together with Young Stunner, the words are unable to gain your attention. The singers had chorus “tum tum” numerous times and it was not adjusting well with the song. Yet the tune is too funky that give you fun and some relaxation after rough and tough routine.

The majority of the viewers have criticized the year’s largest collaborated song on the basis of video. According to many of the viewers, the producers and singers have tried to destroy our culture by showing alcohol, bars and underage girl who runs behind money.

Feminists have issues with video why the media shows woman negative as they have shown Areeqa Haq as a young woman who parties with guys and make them unconscious to get money.

In the video, Asim Azhar was given a drug by the lady to get his money while Shamoon Ismail was criticized by the lady in restaurant for not being able to spend money on her and their guy was fallen down by her for not having money. In the end of video, she left the car of young man to sit in the car of rich guy, Asad Siddiqui.

It seemed that Tum Tum received large attention and views because of having numerous singers and influencers in the video and secondly there was Hania Amir in the song who makes the cutest couple with co-producer of the song.

The song received immense critics within a day from his fans and haters. Although the storyline contradicts our ideology and the singers are required to take care of it, the viewers love to see such things. That’s the reason why Jhooti is popular and Khuda Mera Bhi Hai went flop.

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Arooj Ahmed
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