ARY Digital Drama Serial “Prem Gali” Cast, Story & OST


ARY Digital presents Prem Gali, a drama serial that has put the viewers in a roller coaster ride soon after the release of its first two promos.


Cast of Drama Serial “Prem Gali” :

The remarkable cast and producers of the Pakistani drama industry are the backbones and the main characters of Prem Gali that have more likely caused anticipation among people. The cast includes some leading actors like Saba Hameed, Anoushay, Waseem Abbas, Qavi Khan, and many more leas artists.

Story of Drama Serial “Prem Gali”:

As everyone knows, Qasim Ali Mureed through his popular drama serial none other than Aangan; he has directed this drama also, believably calling it a sequel of the most viewed TV serial Aangan.

Faiza Iftikhar has written the plot for this drama and is produced by Humayun Saeed.

The plot revolves around the love story, highlighting the most prevalent issue of the present society, catcalling, with a touch of comedy, lively life, and fun. It starts with the love story of two people, namely Hamza and Joya, that are played by the most awaited duo of drama serial De Ijazat Jo Tu, Humayun Saeed, and Sohai Ali Abro.


The standing cast has alone driven people to expect the highest and the greatest from Prem Gali.

The plot seemingly is set in the rustling bustling streets of a muhalla where the two lovers live. With its beautiful OST, colorful setting, driving plot, and most importantly most admired actors, this drama serial has forced the viewers to tighten the belt and stay tuned for the cheerful and lighthearted drama serial.

The first two teasers have notably offered an insight that Faiza Iftikhar was not only desirous of making her audience mesmerised with her comprehensively beautiful detailing in the plot.

Qasim Ali Mureed, while reflecting the difference between these two clarifty that although it seems like an extension of the blockbuster TV Drama Aangan, it differs a lot. It revolves around a Muhalla whose people are just like a family, lives, celebrates, and cries together in every situation.

Prem Gali has made millions of viewers with only the release of its two teasers at the very start of this month. It has now released its first episode that has hooked severals, making people a die-hard fan.

Hopefully, this cheerful, playful, and twisted comedic love story will make your Mondays memorable and unforgettable as it has done ours through its first episode. So, what are you waiting for?

OST of Drama Serial “Prem Gali” :

The Teaser of Drama Serial “Prem Gali”:

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