Film Actress Sabiha Khanum Passes Away


Veteran actress Sabiha Khanum passed away on Saturday at the age of 84 in Virgina, United Sattes, as reported by her granddaughter on social media who wrote that it is sad to say that the very beautiful Sabiha Khannum passed away.


The family members reported that the first silver jubilee heroine of Pakistan film industry died of renal disease.

Sabiha Khanum was the known actress of Pakistan film who played lead roleas and rose to fame in the time of 1950s and 60s. The actress was active till 1992 who did projects with her late husband Sntosh Kumar. Their couple was considered as the perfect couple.

Sabiha Khanum’s real name was Mukhtar Begum. She was born in the family of Mohammad Ali and Iqbal Begum in Amritsar on 16 October 1935. The family moved to Pakistan during independence. She acted for the first time with her father in Lahore. Later, she was part of delegation who sang “Kithhay gae yoon pardesia way” in Sialkot. She received praise for her performance; therefore, her father introduced her to Nafees Khaleeli. She acted in his Buut Shikan. Nafees Khaleeli named her Sabiha Khanum as screen-name.


Sabiha Khanum was first seen in Beli. It was the debut film of Masood Pervez. The director casted her on the request of Nafees. The film’s cast had Santosh Kumar and Shaheena as well.

The actress’s Do Ansoo was the first Silver Jubilee movie of Pakistan. She played the character of Noori in it that received wide fame and praise.

Aaghosh and Ghulam rose her to high stand of fame and proved her ambitious and talented women in the field of media.

Sabiha Khanum’s chacarater of mentally retarted girl in Gumnam received lots of appreciation from movie-goers because of her acting and dialogue delivery.

Dulla Bhatti is the Golden Jubilee of the industry. She played the role of Norran in the Punjabi movie and opened more gates success for her in short span of time.

Besides, Sabiha sang songs for Silver Jubilee. It was program that used to air on PTV. Sohni dharti Allah rakhay qadam qadam aabad tujhay and ug jug jeeye mera pyara watan, lub pay dua hai dil mein lagun received wide appreciation from viewers and listeners.

The late actress sang Yaad karoon tujhay sham saweray in stage show of Anwar Maqsood, Silver Jubilee. It was the song of Mauseeqar. The viewers liked her version and stood up to praise her at the end of the song.

Although Sabiha Khanum passed away, she would remain in our hearts. May Allah grants her the highest place in Jannah.

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