Google to Start Coding Classes in Pakistan

The world is shifting physical spaces to virtual spaces. It was a time when there was the requirement to have a physical shop to be able to run a business but you need the ability to use Facebook and Instagram nowadays to run the same catering shop. In past, you might need money to male pamphlets and boards to market the brand but today you need to networking and communicative skills to get more likes and have a higher reach than other pages. In this century, you have all equipment and technologies, you are required to be skilful and resourceful to utilize them to earn living and make the lives better of yours and others in your surroundings. That’s the reason why the world is so focused about digital education, computer sciences and coding that all countries have been taking steps to introduce them in primary and secondary levels to bring digitization in all corners of their states. That’s why Pakistan is standing in the forefront too.

Recently, IT and Telecommunications ministry has announced to form a collaboration with Google to begin Coding Skills Development Program that would be the first program of CS of Google to teach and improve coding and programming skills of children of 9 to 14 years through gamification and other creative.

The collaborators have decided to use Scratch to teach. Scratch is software that will be used by students and teachers to learn and teach programming. Maschettus Institute of Technology or MIT created and examined the tool.

Besides Google, Tech Valley Pakistan is the official partner in the program; ministry will be provided with the assistance of the Tech Valley to prepare material to execute the program to improve grip of students on programming languages.

Coding Skills Development Program is divided into numerous phases. In the first phase, the program will be initiated in 13 Telecom Foundation Schools and then in larger associates in the country. The first segment is named as Train The Trainer in which orientation will be given to students about the Scratch and curriculum will be designed so that coding classes will be provided in the schools regularly.

Health and IT sector have been working with flying colours to improve the situation of the country. The university students are taking numerous steps to bring development and inventions in the South Asian country that has recorded in producing scientists. After all, Asia is the continent where Science was born.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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