Hum Tv Drama Serial “Sabaat” Cast, Story & OST

Anaa is over but girls and ladies have not stopped stalking Usman Mukhtar’s whose sober and serious personality that hides the softest heart for Naimal Khawar melted the hearts of all ladies who followed this drama regularly. The viewers are wanting to watch him in another drama and their wait is over, fortunately, because the actor and director announced on Instagram about his new project and drama which excited all Pakistanis and drama lovers.

The Parchi actor will be seen with Sarah Khan- Deewar-e-Shab actress, soon in HUM TV’s drama, Sabaat, which will air at the end of March. It is directed by Shahzad Kashmiri, who is famous for Yakeen ka Safar and Anaa, while written by Kashif Anwar and produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Production.

The cast of Drama Serial “Sabaat” :

The cast of this new drama includes Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani in the lead while Seemi Raheel, Mozzam Ali Khan, Seemi Raheel, Syed Mohammad Ahmed, Abbas Ashraf Awan, Lyela Zuberi, Jaweria Kamran, and Khanzeb Khan are supporting actors who have their importance and character in the drama that can delight audience and viewers in their way.

The story of the upcoming drama is not explained a lot. According to Usman, he will play the character of Harris which is a little different from ALTAMASH. Meanwhile, Ek Thi Dayan’s main lead will play the character of Miraal who is shown rich and businesswoman like lady that is independent and has her insecurities.

Story of Drama Serial “Sabaat”:

The story is not explained a lot in the teasers and Original Sound Track or OST. In teasers, it can be seen that Mawra Hocane is a middle-class intelligent student of the university who is woke and sound while Ameer Gillani can be seen interested in that woman. Meanwhile, Harris seems to be the workaholic and simple guy who is soft-hearted towards Sarah Khan Khan. Sarah Khan can be seen as a woman with insecurities because she finds herself similar to an old woman when she sees herself in the mirror. Furthermore, it is more prominent when she finds out white hair on the head. The two ladies are shown to have a different background, one is middle class while others are filthy rich who has her problems and issues.

The dram seems simple and old-styled but nothing cannot be said because the story is not so much revealed. Yet, it can be hoped that Mukhtar will not disappoint us.

OST of Drama Serial “Sabaat” :

YouTube video

The Teaser of Drama Serial “Sabaat”:



YouTube video

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