Business to be Resettled from China to Pakistan


Since the virus has spread world wide the international market is facing a downfall and as the corona virus has griped China majorly the planet business has already fallen down and it has directly affected China and an instant result on oil and LNG. The market is facing pressure because of the horrendous effects caused by the virus and it is spreading more rapidly.


Due to that china has concede to relocate their industries n Pakistan and avoid the thought of only focusing business on one country.

According to reports the deputy governor of State bank of Pakistan,

Dr Murtaza Syed has stated that China will rethink to locate their business industries in Pakistan. Since the virus has over shaded business in China, They might also reconsider to avoid the idea of supply chains working in a country only. That may bring new setup of industries in Pakistan and can bring new horizons of international business in Pakistan.

There are a lot of chances that circumstances may modify for China

A meeting had taken place to discuss the results of the corona virus on the country’s trade It resulted that,


“the figure of corona virus in PRC has weakened however in other parts of the world the rate of the virus is rising at a speed.

So, by the tip of the month of May the scenario might change. Dr Syed said that due to the virus 50 to 60 industries were closed in China so that will result in drop of economic growth in next quarter results

The last year the global GDP had grown to 3 per cent, which now will fall because of the widespread disease in the world.

Dr Syed, also mentioned that countries like England and other developed countries of the world has shown decreased interests in rates as they manage and deal with the time of crises.

The Indus hospital of infectious disease Dr Samreen sarfaraz stated speaking on occasion “the virus maybe sort of storm in a teacup which hyped as tsunami”.

She more spoke that the mortality rate is low and 80 per cent of the patients recovers while being quarantine at home and 17 per cent after the treatment and solely 4.5 per cent die. It is not as deadly as compare to previous disease like influenza pandemics.

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