Maria B’s Official Statement About her Husband Tahir Saeed COVID-19

LAHORE: Pakistan has been in tangles of coronavirus nowadays as he ally rises to 958 today in which Sindh and Punjab has the highest number of patients. Yet, there are quarantine centers but only seven patients are recovered. That’s the reason why there is a lockdown in Sindh and Punjab nowadays and that’s why there is the army’s deployment all round. Hence the rising cases have made the situation so tough that the husband of Maria B, famous had to be arrested yesterday in Lahore.

According to Maria B, the police raid their house and arrested his husband, Tahir Saeed at 12:30 am before waiting for the lawyer to come. However, officials stated that the FIR was charged against Mr. Saeed because their employee or house worker tested positive for the pandemic coronavirus and the couple asked them to go to their village instead of admitting the worker to the hospital. The officials told he worker reached the village Vahri by changing two buses due to which there are now chances of having more patients of the COVID-19 in the village and countrywide which country could not afford because of minimum resources in the health sector.

The renowned fashion designed made a video that get viral on social media in which she said that Police came at her house with guns as if they are drug mafia don. The designer appealed the Prime Minister- Imran Khan, o take action against it. According to Mrs. Maria, her husband is innocent. The lady complained PM that police were blaming the couple that they are culprits by letting the worker go. The designer said that if this the police system of Punjab where the police raid the house and charge FIR without letting the lawyer come. Maria B further said that the family is in stress now because of the pandemic coronavirus and the arrest of her husband.

Maria B was trolled on Twitter for not admitting her worker in hospital and police were praised while there are users who shared grievances with the designer and supported her. Although it is stressful to face the raid, the police and government is forced to take strict actions because Pakistan is a developing nation which lack the latest medical technologies. Besides, the sector has been facing lack of chloroquine- the drug which is now being used to treat the patients of COVID-19.

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