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DC Hafizabad Public Service Message on COVID-19

The District Coordinator officer Naveed Shehzad Mirza is the district administrator of Hafizabad. They have a wide range of authority for overseeing, betterment and directing the confirmed plans of the District Government. Districts are under the rule of the District Coordinator officer. DCO’s are responsible for supervising law, and order, collection of income, establishment program coordination and come prosperity of the people in their particular district. With the enormous spread of COVID-19, there is anxiety among the people of the world especially those who are self-isolating themselves in their houses. In this difficult period time Deputy Commissioner Hafizabad Naveed Shehzad Mirza created a performance of a song for the public to give them awareness and precautionary measures about COVID-19.

With more and more cases of coronavirus in the world day by day and hour by hours, it is mandatory that people must be made clued up on how to safeguard themselves and their love ones from this deadly coronavirus. In this effort to intensify awareness among people, he selected the song “Suno Na Suno Na” from the movie “Chalte Chalte” released in 2003 and wins the heart of the audience on social media from a great public service message.

He sings beautifully addressing 01:32 minute video awareness song about the corona, which is trending everywhere on social media:

“You have nothing to worry about food. Do not worry about soaps and rations. We should all together fight against corona, wash your hands after a while. All you need to do is just to follow in the thing that is SOCIAL DISTANCING and we will go through this.”

People are adoring and admiring his attempt on raising awareness. People wanted the song to be the domestic corona awareness song. People were admiring his vision. He became special to many. Many thought it was a tough contention for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Many people were prizing the love he had for his citizens. Some people said they need more officers like him like look how gracefully he delivered his message and they hope people will concentrate on what he said. Others also said that what a majestic and flawless content it was with a simple message of pure honesty and liveliness. Someone said, “This is what the population needs, Not ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’ and a lame ill and meaningless prepared speech.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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