Pakistani Actresses Who Turned Bold After Getting Popularity in Media


There is no doubt that Pakistan has some of the best actresses when it comes to acting, skills and beauty. The women of Pakistan showbiz are beautiful as well as highly talented and skilled in their respective fields. However, when women enter the media and the showbiz, they sometimes forget their limits and become way too bold. Bolder than they need to be and bolder than it is necessary of them.


Every person, after entering the world of media, wants undivided attention, and for getting that attention, they sometimes get derailed and do things that a modest person wouldn’t do. This goes especially for the women artists who involve in various scandals, controversies and go for bold photoshoots just to get the attention of media and audience. But, on the other hand, some female artists stay in their limits but are still able to become the favorite star of the audience. They follow their culture and use their talents and skills to win over people instead of using their bodies to get attention.

The women who use controversies, scandals, their bodies, and bold looks to get attention are the dominant ones in the Pakistani showbiz industry. They are liked and seen in famous movies, dramas, and commercials. Some of these bold ladies from Pakistani showbiz are mentioned as follow;


Kiran Haq:

she is a pretty girl who is seen in a lot of dramas lately. But, she uses her body more than her acting in dramas.

Neelum Munir:

she has been involved in many scandals and has performed a lot of ‘item numbers’ but, there is no doubt that she is a good actor.

Hocane Sisters:

these sisters were not so bold in their early days in the showbiz industry, but for the past few years, they have been involved in a lot of bold appearances in movies and award shows.

Hina Altaf:

she was considered a harmless little girl who was cute and knew her limits until she posted the pictures of her bold photoshoot, which was way too much bold.


Sohai Ali Abro:

when she came into the industry, she was a cultured actress who got fame based on her skills, but over time she became bold.

These actresses and hundreds of other bold Pakistani actresses are one of the main reasons that the new generation of our country is heading towards cultural deterioration because all they see nowadays on the TV is the western culture.

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