Rangers Save us & our Economy from Terrorist: Pakistan Stock Exchange Attack


Pakistan’s paramilitary forces and police officers killed four gunmen that attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) at 10 AM to launch a massive assault in heart of Karachi on June 29, 2020 on Monday.


According to the police, the four gunmen parked cars in the building and threw a grenade at the place. The forces informed that gunmen started firing at the mentioned time instantly.

Abid Ali, the director of PSX, told the media that the gunmen entered the compound from the parking lot and started firing. He further said they dressed in uniforms; therefore, they seemed guards and police. Fortunately, the Special Forces have surrounded the building who thwarted the attack and killed the gunmen.

Sharjeel Kharl, deputy inspector-general for the police of Southern Zone of the city told the media that five people have been killed in the firing, four gunmen, and a police office. He further said that three other police officers have been injured in the attack while two private security guards are killed.


While shedding light on the bravery of Rangers and police, an officer said that food supplies have been tied to the bodies of militants which indicate they have planned long attack at the finance center of the city.

The media reported that forces and militants exchanged fire for 20 minutes and paramilitary forces took eight minutes to fail them to launch attack at the place; although employees at PSX remained safe and secure.

In the evening of the mentioned day, Maj. Gen. Omar Ahmed Bukhari, the director-general of the Pakistan Rangers Sindh informed that Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) accepted the responsibility of attacking the center.

BLA also claimed the responsibility at other platforms and said that their Majeed Brigade planned “self-sacrificing” assault at the Stock exchange. The representative said that come of their people captivated the place from inside at the time firing.

The separatist agency was formed in 2000 due to the monopoly of government on the minerals and gas of Balochistan.

The agency attacked Chines engineers and paramilitary forces of the country numerous times to accomplish their motive. Their motive is to independent Balochistan from Pakistan.

However PSX remained safe, the account of the center tweeted that situation has been unfolding and management of PSX is trying to control the situation and security with the help of Special Forces.

Digital and social media praised PC Khalil and PC Rafiq for their bravery and active response on the attack as their videos aired on television and news channels.

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