Geo Tv Drama Serial “Bandhay Aikh Dor Se” Cast, Story & OST

Although lockdown is going on and coronavirus is still in our country, women have good shows to watch still. Thanks to our drama industry that shoot shows and serials completely before they are aired. Right now, females and fans are waiting for new-penned drama of Faiza Iftikhar, “Bandhay Aikh Dor Se”

Bandhay Aik Dor Se is the new project of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Quereshi that starred Ahsan Khan, Hina Altaf and Ushna Shah. Besides, we will see Saba Hameed, Saba Faisal, and Samina Arshad as well.

However, it seemed from the promos that it is a romantic drama in which Khan aka Umer would love Hina Altaf but after some differences, he would leave her and the man will fall in love with Ushna Shah, the innocent girl of the show who is shown praying so hard in numerous promos. Besides, it seemed that Ushna would be the sole heroine of the show as the hero is seen running after her in the Original soundtrack and the very first promo of the drama.

As per promos, Ushna seems to play the role of Khan’s cousin as she is seen lying on the lap of Saba Hameed and Hameed will essay the role of Tai of Mere Qatil Mere Dildar’s hero. Altaf might be the neighbor of him as he is seen jumping from his roof to her roof to give a rose.

The lovers, Ushna and Khan, would marry each other but Altaf would create negative thoughts for her competitor in the minds of the family members and bridegroom that would result in yelling and slaps. From ost, it seemed that hero would come to know about Altaf’s wrongdoings and he would run to her to ask for forgiveness to the innocent girl.

The team has released the song but the video is so slice and fantasy-driving yet the voice of Sahir Ali Bagga and Hadiqa Kiani makes it worth it to listen.

Although the date has not been announced, it will air soon on Geo Entertainment. The story seems very cliché but Ahsan Khan makes it must watch because he is coming on screen after a long time. He was last seen in the humorous drama, Shahrukh Ki Saheliyan.

OST Bandhy Aik Dor sy:

YouTube video

Teaser Bandhy Aik Dor sy:

YouTube video
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