Saba Qamar Reveal About her Relationship in Youtube Video “The Chay Show”

We all know that Saba Qamar launched her new YouTube channel to kill this Quarantine boredom and we fall in love with her over and over again when she posts a new video.

Her new video is an expression of her interview with some silly questions and her uncensored answers. This video is the best thing you will see in this dreadful time of Corona and lockdown. Saba’s answers became the voice of every girl’s heart and we love her for this!

In the video, Saba Qamar revealed her unapologetic and savage side while revealing how she lived in an abusive relationship for 8 years. We know, that’s a lot of time.

In the video, Saba totally spoke her mind out whether it was an absurd question or a controversial one. From matching past actors with the latest ones to talking about her love life, she nailed it all. Again, without being unapologetic.

The best and most entertaining part of the show was when Saba discussed her love life and past relationship, especially the abusive one. We loved how she managed to talk about such a terrible part of her life in a humorous and energetic way.y energetic I mean, she was speaking as fast as a bullet. She is truly a tigress, stronger than ever. She frankly discussed her 8-year long disastrous relationship.

“Girls are taught from a young age that you should rather die than abandoning the first man in your life. This specific though literally ruined my life for 8 years.” Before plunging into a lengthy rant about how she was mistreated, Saba simply said that he left her for another woman.

“He was addicted to lying, misbehaving, attacking, beating, and then apologizing. For me, engagement, commitment, and marriage were the same, so I kept hoping for eight years that ‘it is going to get better’. But unfortunately, it was never going to get better. The person drained my mind while torturing and destroying me both emotionally and physically”. Saba said.

We totally loved this side of her and trust us, she is whole mood and vibe. She nailed the interview by being a total savage while also upholding her grace and dignity.

For enjoying the full experience, watch the video here and let us know what do you think about it in the comments below!

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