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Special CSS Exams will be Conducted 188 Vacant Posts

All CSS aspirants wait for February every year to go for the exam and fill sheets with the information they have consumed during studies via books and videos but they would not have to wait for next year in 2020 as Prime Minister Imran Khan has different plans and ambitions for current 365 days.

Special CSS exam for 188 vacant posts

Recently, PM Assistant on Establishment Division, Shahzad Arbab, tweeted that PM has agreed to conduct Special CSS Exams to fill 188 vacant seats. Mr. Arbab further wrote that the government will conduct exams in Balochistan and Federal Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) to fill seats of federal services. The assistant used social media to inform that there are 49 vacant seats in Balochistan, 41 in rural Sindh, 22 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), 19 in Urban Sindh, 16 in FATA and Gligit-Baltistan (G-B) and 2 in Azad Jammu Kashmir. Besides, he informed that the test will be conducted to fill 39 seats of minorities of Punjab.

Mr. Arbab told the media through the talk show of Hamid Mir, the known political journalist of Pakistan, that he had meeting with the Chairman of the Federal Public Service Commission and stakeholders to organize the plan and schedule to execute the seats-filling exam. The assistant said that the government will publish the advertisement of the exam in the next month when the patients of coronavirus will be reduced in Pakistan. It is decided to conduct exam in November or December this year. In the show, the advisor said that there will seats for minorities and women as well in the exam to give them the opportunity to serve the country. Shahzad Arbab said to the anchorperson and masses that the government dealt with different issues; therefore, they will conduct exam by the end of the year if they would handle pandemic normally, god-willingly.

Although PM Imran Khan and ruling party receive a lot of criticism, the government has been taking some appreciate-able steps. Besides Ehsas Program and firing corrupt workers of the party, conducting special CSS exam is another positive step of ruling Pakistan. It would give more chances to aspirants and students to work for the country. Yet, it is important to conduct them on merit otherwise provincial government will use it to promote the quota system negatively.

It is important to appreciate the government for the positive steps besides criticizing them for inflation and mismanagement during COVID-19.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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