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Web-portal for Jobless Launched by Prime Minister

Ever since the lockdown in the different parts of the country was announced, almost everyone’s financial conditions have been affected. Whether it is upper class, middle class, or lower class, nobody has been spared from the effects throughout. However, the lower middle class and lower class which include laborers or daily-wage workers have been severely affected as they now barely have pennies to run their kitchens.

Pakistan is known to be one of the most charitable nations. Whenever tough times are faced by the country, everyone steps up to help the ones below them. The same has been witnessed during this pandemic since lockdown took place and people lost their jobs. Although the times are quite tough for a developing country like Pakistan where the economy already seems to be falling, the government of the country did not turn the blind eye towards the affected ones. The government launched Ehsaas Program earlier in April and its Phase 2 Ehsaas Labor Relief Fund has been launched on Saturday through Web portal that has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself.

This phase is specifically for the labors that lost their jobs due to COVID-19 pandemic as working sites closed down. The Relief scheme will provide a cash of Rs. 12,000 to each laborer who’ll be eligible for the fund. The Fund is also open for donations and the people are being encouraged to donate for the needy ones. “I encourage you all to donate. For each rupee donated by means of donors, four rupees may be donated by the way of government.” The Prime Minister added. The applications submitted through Web portal will be scrutinized and the best-qualified individuals will receive the cash support. “There would be no political inference. All the deserving will get the support no matter their political affiliations” said Imran Khan.

The COVID-19 Relief Fund was introduced earlier in April as Ehsaas Program and the needy families were provided cash to make their way through these difficult times. It is important to note that these families will not be eligible for phase 2. The fund is being administered by the Poverty Alleviations and Social Safety Division. The government told that it is conscious that many people are unaware about using the web-based portal, by they are trying to find help from the students and Tiger Force is also being set-up for aiding the government.

Arooj Ahmed
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