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Social media is helpful inmany ways but at the same time it has worsen the situations and give right to everyone to peek into others life without their permission because of brining everything in front of the whole world. That’s the reason why there are so many cases of viral videos in which the list of victims include the names of Rabia Pirzada, Alzeh Shah, Sanam Chaudhry and now Maryam Faisal.

Maryam Faisal’s-tick tok star with 6 million kissing videos got viral when her boyfriend post them on social media. Her private pictures and videos get viral. However, the star has not commented on it but the whole social media is commenting about it for four days.

Recently, Alizeh Shah- the heroine of Ehd-e-wafa who is playing the character of Dua, became a victim when her boyfriend posted their videos and pictures after their break-up.

Sanam Chaudhry- model and actress, faced the comments of viewers when she became the victim of it. The case of Rabia Pirzada is also in front of us whose single dance video created such a noise and trend on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that now everyone knows about it what had happened with or what she has done.

Whether a person is doing sex, dance or making sexual comments, there is nothing wrong in it unless it is kept private. When it comes on media or in front of us, it means that you are giving a right to everyone to comment on it and viewers do not take a moment before commenting to think what they are going to write on it or write about it. Besides, partners should think what they are posting. They should disrespect somebody if they have a break-up because it is the weakest way to take revenge. In this way, a person is not side-eyeing the opposite person but also himself or herself as well.

Moreover, the government should make a law or constitution related to cybersecurity to reduce such cases. Facebook and social media giants should adopt such policies which would eradicate and remove such videos from the directory instantly when they are posted.

Intelligence and logic is not related to science and technology. Human conscience and ethics are also part of it. There is a need to incorporate them in our lives or we might have to face the music.

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