Top Seven Tips to keep Your Skin Healthy in Summer


If you are skin-freak and want glowing skin then scroll down and read some tips!


1. Water:

Water is the best friend of your skin. The more you drink water the more it will glow and look fresh. That’s the reason why beauticians and dieticians recommend drinking eight to twelve glasses of water every-day. In this hot summer, it is better to prepare spray water of rose water and cucumber juice to spray it on your face a little when you feel hot. It will provide essential freshness to the skin. Besides, have fresh fruit juices and lemonades to give water in different ways to your skin.

2. Balanced Diet:

Although our heart shelter in chocolate fudge cake but skin needs green leafy vegetables and lots of fruits. A balanced diet is key to attaining a healthy physique and skin. Therefore, doctors recommend having wholesome breakfast, nutritious lunch, and decent dinner. Your diet should have meat, good fat, legumes, nuts, and dairy products to pamper your skin.


3. Sleep:

Sleep is like a magic wand. It can give you a focused mindset, healthy body, and glowing and compact skin. All you have to do is to sleep for six to eight without interruptions at night. Nowadays, we all sleep late. You can sleep late but if u would make it your habit then forget to have fresh skin. Sleeping late at night can make your skin dull and saggy. Therefore, go to bed at 12 am and wake up at 8 am to have the best skin.

4. Exercise and meditation:

Your skin can lose compactness and glow due to staying in bed for long day as it cannot excrete not-so-needed elements from the skin. That’s the reason why exercise is a must. Doing warm-up exercises and walk regularly help skin to flush out unneeded elements and freshen it again.

5. Skincare routine:

In this age when there is extreme pollution, there is need to have proper skincare routine. You can use decent face-wash every morning and night to detox it. Besides, there are plenty of moisturizing creams in stores. You can buy any of them and apply it on skin before leaving house. It will keep your skin fluffy. Besides, you can apply rose water regularly to enhance it. Moreover, there are numerous remedies to apply. The best of them is to apply Aloe Vera.

6. Decent makeup and sunscreen:

Makeup seems necessary in this time of networking but it is important to wear sunscreen, sunblock and decent makeup to let your skin breathe. It is better to wear simple concealer and BB cream instead of foundation as it will enhance the features while giving ground to skin to breath.

7. Detoxification:

Detoxification is all about decreasing the consumption of fast food, snacks, and frozen foods. Detoxification can bring the old glow of your skin back. It will freshen your skin and increase the glow.

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