Saba Qamar New Video “Kab Samjhoge”


Since the lockdown is announced, many celebrities and common people have started their blogs. Many of their blogs are worth to watch. The majority of them have vlogs and videos on daily routine and glamour but some of them post videos on heart-warming topics. Unlike vlogs of Iqra Aziz and Hania Amir, Saba Qamar’s videos are on social issues and her personal life. She talked about her divorce in one of the videos. In a recent video, she talked about bully and the demise of actors due to trolling.


“Kab Samjho Gay” is the recent video she posted on YouTube. The Baaghi actress called out the names of numerous actresses. She said how many people are there to kills for us by trolling them. She talked about bully. The lady said that we did not realize what would be the impact one troll on the lives of the people.

There were the shots of the teary eyes of Qamar, dressed in cotton white kameez and shalwar, in the video. Although her laughter and waving were shot, there were black and white images of her that shows that people get hurt when they are trolled on social media.

The lady said that we teach about hatred and pistols to our kids and then expect them to love us. While talking about bully, she said how flowers can bloom if they are given lessons on hatred. She advised to love others and give people right to take their own decisions.


The Digest Writer’s heroine talked that people criticize others on color and beauty and then on their conscious when they cannot find any flaw in their beauty. She said that people have become Gods to judge others.

Besides her words, the shots of her in which she was hugging her knees tightly while sitting against the shower whose water has been wetting her. There were some shots of tears skipping the eyes of the known actress. Besides some shots have shown her red-veined eyes that depict the message clearly.

Moreover, the choice of colors enhances the power of the message. Black, white and grey colors made the message more effective and impactful.

Unlike other showbiz personalities whose main focus in beauty and dresses, Qamar generated content on one of the most important topic, mental health. She talked about the importance of talking humanely with others and how words can hurt others.

We forget the importance of others and say bad and the worst to others but we want others to said something good about us.

Saba Qamar has done wonderful job. It is because of her thoughts and wonders, the veteran actress has edge over others.

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