Turkish Actress Esra Bilgic : Halime Hatun

Nowadays, the nation of Pakistani is busy in watchingg Dirilis Eurtugal at PTV and ranting about its cast on their clothes on social media by comparing their actual personality with the characters they have played. However, viewers like the roles and characters the most, especially Erugal and his wife Halime Hatun.

Halime Hatun is shown as the most beautiful and mature woman. According to tnumerous legends of Ottoman the lady was called as “Khaimah” and “Hayme Ana”. However, no historian knows about her origin. Yet, some legends say that she was the daughter of Turkmen Bey and some say she was the princess and daughter of Sejuk ruler, Melik Izeddin. People do not know much about her and whatever is known is also controversial. There are historians that say she was the mother of the first ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Osama I, but according to others no one knows who the mother of him was. People have created difference between Halime Hatun and Hayme Ana. Therefore, the sources say that Hatun was buried in Sogut and Ana in Dominic. Sogut in present-day Turkey. Besides Sogut, there is the tomb of the lady in Gevas. Therefore, there are three Halimas.

Esra Bilgic played the role of Halime Sultan in Dirlis Ertugal and they have shown her as the pricess of Seljuk, spourse of Ertugal and mother of Osama I. The actress received fame and popularity because of that role. She marked debut in drama industry of Turkey with this drama serial. She won five awards of “Best Actress” and “Best Actress of the series” in different award shows because of this series and her role from 2014 to 2016. However, she left the drama two years ago because of the changes in story. It was shown in the drama that she has been died. In 2018, she played the role of Derya Akar in Bir Umet Yeter. Currently, she is playing the lead role in Ramo. She has debuted in the film industry as well, this year by playing lead role in Adanis Kutsal Kavga.

Esra Bilgic is very educated lady. She pursued a degree in International Relations from Bilken University in Ankara. Currently, she is studying Law from Instanbul Sehir University. Although she got married in 2017 to Gokhan Tore, Turkish footballer, they divorced last year.

Halime Hatun and Esra Bilgic have become eye-candy of all viewers of Dirlis Ertuhgal because of her character and her personality. The 27 year old actress born in Ankara in 1992 on 14th October. She started her carrer as actress and modelling in 2014. She is still active in her career life and enjoying to play role in different series and feature films.

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