Actress Uzma Khan Accuses Malik Riaz Daughters of Torture and Assault

We all are aware of the trending topic today, the torture and assault actress Uzma Khan went through has gone viral and created chaos on social media. Some videos went viral on social media which showed two women torturing and assaulting the actress and her for having an extramarital affair with a man named “Usman Malik”.

The videos showed the women threatening to kill them by throwing petrol and asking their guards to touch them. The two were shaken and Uzma Khan claimed that the women were Malik Riaz’s daughters who barged into her house with 12 armed men. The actress submitted an application in DHA Phase 6 police station for registering an FIR against them.

Today, the wife of Usman Malik, named Amna Usman recorded a video message and told her side of the story. According to Amna Usman, the women who assaulted the actress has no relation with Malik Riaz. She claimed that neither she nor her husband has any relation with Malik Riaz.

In the video, Amna Usman also said that she had warned Uzma Khan many times before this to stay away from her husband. But the actress did not listen to her. She also claimed that the house showed in the video was of her husband, not Uzma, so she had all the rights to enter it.

She went on saying that the actress claimed that she was sitting in Ahtekaaf but there were drugs and alcohol present in the house that the actress was using. Also, she went om clarifying that the liquid thrown was not kerosine or petrol, but the same alcohol; the actress and her sister was drinking.

The story keeps changing day by day with different people coming forward with different statements. According to Amna Usman’s statement, they have no relation with the business tycoon Malik Riaz. However, Uzma Khan’s allegations say something different. So the truth is yet to unfold.

The thing that is disturbing is Amna Usman’s reaction and how she tortured the actress and her sister. However, Amna showed no remorse and said that what she did is justified.

All in all, the whole situation has caused chaos on social media, and people are debating over the topic. Let’s see what’s the real truth. What do you think about all this? Let us know in the comments below.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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