Umer Sharif Daughter Passes Away

Every person has to go through good and bad moments whether he or she is a common man or woman or any celebrity. Life is unpredictable for everyone. The same happened with Umer Sharif.

Sub-continent’s famous comedian; Umer Sharif, faced the sad news of his daughter’s death on Monday when he was in the United States of America on a three-month-long tour.

According to reports and information provided by Farooq Rubi, Hina Sharif died of a heart attack in Lahore. The daughter was suffering from a kidney infection and was admitted to a private hospital in the city. However, the father was not informed about her death according to the US promoter, Rehan Siddiqui. The promoter further said that the father was informed that Hina was in bad condition; therefore, he left for the hometown.

Hina Sharif was close to Umer Sharif. She was the administrator of the hospital “MAA” in Karachi. The hospital was built by Mr. Umer Sharif in Orangi Town number 4.

The funeral of the administrator will be offered on the 19th of February 2020 on Wednesday after 1 pm in 163 block of Model Town, Karachi.

May the daughter will be showered with the blessings of the highest place in Jannah.

Umer Sharif is one of the most renowned stand-up comedians who has made a career in writing scripts and poetries, production, composing music, acting, and direction. The comedian is also known for his roles in Mr.420, Mr. Charlie, The Shareef Show Mubarak Ho, Zameen Aasmaan and Gunda Raj. His famous albums include Umer Sharif Hazir Hai, Vol.2 and Umer Sharif Show-2007. 64-year-old singer and actor born in Karachi on 19 April 1955 at Liaquatabad Town. The man married in 2005 to stage actress, Zareen Ghazal. From the first wife, Deeba Omer, he has one daughter and two sons, as per reports, – Hina and Jawad and Fawad. The second wife of Sharif was Shakila Qureshi, actress of Mr. 420, but they divorced soon.

The comedian is also known as the King of Comedy. The man received the award for The Best Actor for Mr.420 and Tamgah-e-Imtiaz for his services in media. Besides, he is the only man who received four Nigar Awards. Umer Sharif established Omer Sharif Welfare Trust in 2006 to provide services and needs for free.

Umer Sharif has a very decent family. Most of the information about their family is not revealed. Therefore, nothing can be stated yet the family has been in grief because of the death of daughter. May the creator give them the ability to pass through this painful phase.

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