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By Sanam Nayab — Updated on 09/05/2023
Adventure Island offers a simple yet entertaining gaming experience that can be enjoyed by players of all ages, and the free downloadable PC version ensures that it is available to a wider audience.

The Adventure Island PC Game, available at the URL provided, is a complete, standalone game version that requires no additional software. It is fully well-matched with all versions of Windows.


The Basics of the Free Downloadable Version of Adventure Island

This is the most exciting, and everyone, especially youngsters, would want to play it without hassles. As soon as Master Higgins learns that the Evil Witch has abducted his Princess, Leilani, he rushes to the scene to try to rescue her.

There are four save spots in total, and after clearing all four levels in each region, players must take on the area’s boss, who grows in strength as the game progresses. One of the game’s most intriguing features is that players automatically die if they touch an enemy or fall into the sea. The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda is also available for digital download.

The Adventure Island Attractions

Features may vary and depend on your PC’s specifications, but here are just a few that you may expect to enjoy after installing Adventure Island PC Game.

  • An excellent arcade machine tailored to children is available.
  • There are 32 levels over eight general regions.
  • Gain speed by filling up on fruit and milk.
  • Defeat your foes with a single sting from this special bee.


Master Higgins (or Master Wiggins in the United Kingdom and Takahashi Meijin in the Japanese editions) is the protagonist. This young man travels to Adventure Island in the South Pacific after learning that the Evil Witch Doctor has abducted Princess Tina. Higgins has to get through a maze of 32 challenges to get to her. There are eight different worlds, or “areas,” and each area has four stages, or “rounds,” and each round has four checkpoints. The player must defeat a boss at the end of the fourth round in each location before moving on to the next. After conquering the evil lord’s eighth and final incarnation, the game ends when the girl is rescued.

Game Strategy

The player character, Master Higgins, loses a life if he comes into contact with an opponent, is attacked by an enemy, falls into a trap, or drowns. The player’s health starts at 11 and decreases over time or anytime Higgins falls over a rock in the game’s environment. Higgins will lose a life when his health meter reads zero. Higgins will return to the last checkpoint he reached if he has any remaining lives.

When Higgins’s life count reaches zero, the game is over. Higgins has up to 16 points of health and can recover by eating fruit or drinking milk. Higgins gains a new life at the scoring milestones of 50,000, 100,000, and 200,000. Higgins may become invincible for 10 seconds and kill foes with a single touch if he finds a fairy that resembles a bee and calls herself Honey Girl. There is a unique pot concealed after each level that doubles the player’s bonus at the end of that level.

Higgins begins each new life unable to attack; he can only find and use a stone axe, which may be located in specified locations across each level. When holding the stone axe, Higgins can swap it for magical fireballs with more fantastic range and the ability to shatter boulders and rolling stones (which are invulnerable to the stone axe).

The player must touch or hit an egg twice with a weapon to crack it. There are a lot of extras in there besides just weaponry. The eggplant, a negative item that reduces Higgins’ health, is also possible. Inconspicuous hiding places exist for some of the eggs. These “hidden eggs” may be accessed by jumping to the position where a player’s thrown weapon vanishes before touching the ground.

Some of these secret locations don’t have eggs hidden in them but somewhat clouds that, when uncovered, transport the player to a bonus stage. Until Higgins is caught in a trap, the player can harvest a sequence of fruits (worth 500 points each) throughout bonus levels. But he won’t lose a life since he’ll return to the average level when he reaches the next checkpoint.

The Evil Witch Doctor, the game’s boss, manifests in a new form at the end of every fourth round in each region, challenging Higgins to a showdown. There are eight distinct varieties of heads he may swap into. Higgins must strike his skull with his weapon several times to defeat him. More and more hits are needed to kill him as you move from zone to zone (his first form requires eight hits, and every subsequent state requires two additional hits until the eighth and final form, which requires 22 hits).

The Evil Witch Doctor will change his mind and flee to the following location after being overpowered. Except for his durability, speed, and the rate at which his fireballs travel, he employs the same assault in all of his guises. Once Higgins has conquered the Evil Witch Doctor in his last image, the Witch Doctor will tumble into a pit, where the girl may be rescued.

Connecting to the Story of Wonder Boy

After acquiring a portion of the license from Escape, developer Hudson Soft began work on Adventure Island as a straight adaptation of the Sega arcade game Wonder Boy (now known as Westone Bit Entertainment). Since the developer had already sold away rights to the Wonder Boy brand to Sega, a new protagonist based on the company spokesman, Takahashi Meijin, was developed by Hudson. Takahashi Meijin’s character was dubbed Master Higgins for the English dub of Adventure Island.

The later games in the Wonder Boy series (starting with Wonder Boy in Monster Land) use an action role-playing game system. However, most Adventure Island games use the same structure as the first game. On top of that, Hudson Soft was able to get the rights to transfer the whole series of Wonder Boy sequels to the TurboGrafx-16, although with some changes to the games’ titles and character designs (except Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair). The TurboGrafx-16 port of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap, dubbed Dragon’s Curse, was renamed Adventure Island in Japan.

Hudson Soft reimagined Wonder Boy in Monster Land in 2004 as a mobile phone game called Super Adventure Island. After acquiring Hudson Soft in 2012, Konami became the new owner of the Adventure Island franchise.


In addition to the original Adventure Island PC game and its two successors for the NES, the series spawned two games for the Famicom, Adventure Island II, and Adventure Island 3, and a fourth game, Takahashi Meijin no Bken Jima IV, which was the only published in Japan.

All four games were re-released in Japan on January 19, 2006, as part of a compilation for the Game Boy Advance called Hudson Best Collection Vol 6: Bken Jima Collection. The first game was also re-released separately for the Famicom Mini.

Other platforms also saw sequels, including the Game Boy’s Adventure Island and Adventure Island II (based on the third NES game), the Super NES’s Super Adventure Island and Super Adventure Island II, the TurboGrafx-16’s New Adventure Island, the Wii’s Adventure Island: The Beginning, 2007’s Gacha wa shi Meijin no Bken Jima, and 2010’s Adventure Island Quest by Takahashi Meijin.

Cross-Game Appearances

DreamMix TV World Fighters, a crossover fighting game published in Japan for the GameCube on December 13, 2003, has Takahashi Meijin as a playable character.

In the 2007 mobile game Gacha Washi Meijin no Bken Jima, a crossover between the Gachapin series and the Adventure Island PC Game, Takahashi Meijin makes an appearance.

In 2008, he appeared in the mobile sports game Gachapin & Mukku no Dai Undoukai (“Gachapin & Mukku’s Big Sports Day”). In 2010, he teamed up with the Katamari team for the smartphone game Takahashi Meijin and Katamari Damacy.

Additionally, in 2008, the mobile pachinko game Pachinko Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima was released, featuring Meijin in various pachinko scenarios.

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