PS5 Price in Pakistan: Hidden Features and Benefits

By Sanam Nayab — Updated on 09/05/2023
The PS5's hidden features and benefits make it a highly sought-after gaming console in Pakistan and around the world. PS5 also has a DualSense controller with haptic feedback that offer more realistic sensations, further enhancing gameplay.

The Ps5 price in Pakistan is Rs. 128,650, with an estimated average price of Rs. You can also check the most recent pricing for Sony’s Playstation 5, Playstation 5, PS5, PS5, PS4, and more.


Try Hidden PS5 Features

Whether you were one of the over 17 million PS5 owners as of 2022 (via NME) or are hoping to grab one of the declining quantities projected to sell in 2023, you undoubtedly endured a period of longing and suffering before ultimately owning the highly anticipated next-generation gaming console, nerveless of the Ps5 price in Pakistan.

When you get it, it will immediately provide you with significantly higher memory bandwidth and data throughput, as well as five times the graphics power of the PS4. This, however, is common knowledge. Not everyone takes the time to learn about the PS5’s hidden gems, which may help them save time and space, and avoid spoilers.

You may become a PS5 power user and reap the rewards for years before Sony considers releasing a PS6 if you take the time to go deeper and master the console’s settings, submenus, simple hardware tweaks, and other hidden capabilities.


Choose Your System-Wide Play Settings

If you’re one of the few to have just turned on your brand-new PlayStation 5, you probably can’t wait to start playing. Although adding games to your PS5’s Game Presets will take some time initially, it will save you time in the long run as you add more and more titles.

According to IGN, Game Presets allow you to preconfigure various global preferences for difficulty level, resolution, and others that will be applied automatically to most of the PS5 games you install.

Access the Save Data and Game/App Settings menu in the Settings menu. From there, you may adjust the game’s subtitles and audio language, as well as its difficulty, camera angle, and movement, by clicking on Game Presets.

Remote Play Allows PS5 Games to Be Streamed

Let’s pretend the TV in your house is also your favorite TV for PS5 gaming. If everyone in the living room is horrified by your decision to play “Ghostwire: Tokyo” at maximum volume, you may lose the vote. PS5’s Remote Play allows you to battle the masked ghosts plaguing Japan’s streets from the comfort of your smartphone, PC, or another PS4 or PS5 system.

Don’t Let Anyone Spoil Things for You

According to the ps5 price in Pakistan, its settings give a Spoiler Warning option that may be used to prevent the Home Screen from displaying images and other content that may contain spoilers for games you are now playing or have not yet started playing (via PSU).

Spoiler Warnings can be enabled in the app’s saved data and game settings menu. Toggle the “Warn About Game Spoilers” setting there. You’ll be allowed to filter out “Only Spoilers Identified by Game Developers” or “Everything You Haven’t Seen Yet.”

It would help if you were concerned about PS5 games, as the PS4 warnings do not apply to them. Now that this safeguard is in place, you won’t have to worry quite as much about spoilers if you don’t get to play a significant game like “God of War: Ragnarok” right away after its release.

Avoid Being a Nuisance and Just Ignore Alerts

You probably don’t want alerts popping up when attempting to focus intently on a super-stealth “Rainbow Six Extraction.” The Settings menu on the PS5 makes it easy to silence in-game friend requests and trophy alerts (via PlayStation Support).

To disable all notifications, head to the PS5’s main menu, choose Settings, and then Notifications. Go to the “Allow Pop-Up Notifications” setting and turn it off. There’s also the option to disable alerts altogether or to do so selectively. You may customize the kind of alerts you receive for things like game invites, trophies, and when friends go online by leaving the “Allow Pop-Up Notifications” button on.

Learn To Use the Control Room

To access the Control Center sub-menu, press the PS button on your controller. You can adjust the volume, play music from your Spotify account, add peripherals like VR headsets, and change various settings without having to completely exit the game (via GameSpot).

Also, the Options button (located to the right of the touchpad) on the controller allows you to adjust the Control Center menu as you move the cursor over various options. Then, you can decide which settings you wish to see in the Control Panel by checking and unchecking the appropriate boxes.

Use PS5 Activities to Access Any Game’s Missions Quickly

Activities on the ps5 price in Pakistan are a boon for the many players for whom instant pleasure is paramount. Using the PS button to access the Control Center, the Activities feature allows you to immediately engage in a particular mission or game mode without opening the game and then navigating to that mission or method (via GamesRadar).

While activity cards can be used in multiplayer modes, they are most commonly seen in single-player campaigns to help you complete optional tasks and unlock bonus content. They may display your current trophy progress and predicted playtime for each activity. The activity cards are like cheat sheets and a lifeline for those who want to finish whatever they start.

Upgrade to A More Rapid Solid-State Drive

The PS5’s inbuilt 825GB SSD ensures quick data loading, leaving you with roughly 667 GB of usable storage; certain blockbuster games can eat up a significant portion of that. According to Activision, the PS5 installation size for “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” is 133 GB.

Thus, if you’ve upgraded to a faster expansion storage drive, such as an M.2 SSD, it makes sense to choose it as the destination for game downloads by going into the options menu. Select “Installation Location” under “Settings” > “Storage” Click “PS5 Games and Apps,” followed by “M.2 SSD Storage.” The M.2 SSD on your expansion card is now the destination for your PS5 game downloads.

Modify the Look of the Game Console

Can’t stand the sterile whiteness of the PS5’s standard exterior? That’s reasonable, and you don’t have to accept that style. The PS5’s panels are interchangeable, so you may customize it to look like the game you love (like “Spider-Man” or “Cyberpunk 2077”) or give it a fresh look with a different color or graphic design. Custom skins for the DualSense controller are available for several of them.

Get a Hold of The Screenshot Tools

The Share button on the PS4 DualShock controller has been replaced with the Create button in the top left corner of the PS5 DualSense controller’s touchpad. Simply tapping it once will bring up the Create menu, and doing it twice will record a short video clip of your most recent gameplay. Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Captures > Shortcuts for Create Button will allow you to change what the Create button does.

Improved Experience

You may have been fortunate enough to acquire a PlayStation 5, but you still can’t bring yourself to give up your old PS4 games. However, the PS5 will up-convert the content of PS4 games to run better, even if the game developer hasn’t optimized it, owing to the PS5’s Game Boost, which is activated by default. Even though the creators have adjusted certain PS4 games for Game Boost’s enhanced frame rates and visuals, others have not.

Use The PS5 Dualsense Controller

The PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller is often overlooked in favor of the platform and the titles it will enable for the next generation. It’s a more sensory gadget because of the improved haptic feedback, vibratory response, and trigger feel. However, the novelty of the adjustments may wear off quickly if they are too radical a departure from the status quo. If so, adjust the controller’s response settings in the Settings menu under “Accessories” and “Controllers” as instructed by PlayStation Support.

In addition, the DualSense now has a microphone, allowing you to broadcast and communicate to your online team without needing a separate microphone or headset. A mute button for the mic is located just under the PS button (via TechRadar). This is helpful if your “Back 4 Blood” squad desperately needs immediate participation and you don’t have time to fiddle with a headset connection. The built-in microphone may be on by default until you modify its settings in Preferences > Sound > Microphone.

Make Sure the Dual sense Controller Never Runs out

It’s easy to forget to charge your controller before putting it down, and when you return to the PS5 feeling refreshed, you’ll find that your controller has died. Well, you can hone your reptile brain to remember always to switch off the console after you’re done playing. After 10 seconds of pressing the PS button, the system will power off completely (via IGN). Practice this until it’s as natural as cursing an impossible boss.

It is now possible to program the controller to power off after a predetermined length of inactivity. The controller does not have an idle-shutdown feature enabled by default. Choose an exit time for controllers by navigating to Settings > System > Power Saving > Exit Time. You may set the controller to power down automatically after 10, 30, or 60 minutes.

Put Your Voice to Use

From smartphones to smart homes, voice commands are an integral aspect of modern life. A voice assistant, currently unidentified, is developing for the PlayStation 5. The Voice Command function on the PS5 may be enabled by going to Settings > Voice Command > (PreviewPreview) > Enable Voice Command. Sony suggests utilizing the DualSense controller’s built-in microphone as the most reliable method of triggering them.

Make Good Use of a Computer’s Keyboard and Mouse

The DualSense controllers for the PlayStation 5 are excellent for gaming due to their responsive triggers and realistic haptic feedback. They aren’t very good at using the keyboard on your PS5, so don’t trust them with any sensitive information. Connecting a keyboard, mouse, and controller to your PS5 will make typing much less of a chore (via Sony). Games that are backward compatible with your PS5 will also allow you to utilize the keyboard and mouse for control.

Add Games To Your Wish List

According to a poll conducted by SlashGear, roughly a quarter of PlayStation 5 owners are unaware that you may save money by placing titles on your wishlist. That’s very reasonable, as Sony took the Wishlist feature away from the PS Store in the days following the PS5’s release. Now that it’s back, you may save money on games by adding them to your wish list and keeping an eye out for price drops. Sony often hosts game deals, but you never know what titles will be discounted.

Play 3D Tunes

Sony is well recognized as a leading audio manufacturer, and the company’s 3D Audio spatial audio technology debuted on the PlayStation 5. It was co-created with AMD and relied on its proprietary hardware, the Tempest Engine. Like how ray tracing improves the quality of light, this audio processor adds depth and directionality to the sounds being processed.

Buy Mobile Games

Sony’s PS5 must-have is the updated PS4 app. You may check out your friends’ profiles, view your trophy haul, and manage your own. It can also install PlayStation games you’ve purchased from the shop.

Start the PlayStation app and go to the PS Store to buy games. Take your time and look around at all the games we offer until you discover one you like. Confirm your purchase and method of payment by tapping the “Add to Cart” button on your mobile device. Your new game for the PS5 may be downloaded and installed anytime after purchase. Select Games Library from the main menu, then Purchased. Click “Download” and “Select” to download your newly purchased game. That’ll get the game downloaded and installed on your PS5, and when it’s done, it’ll send you a message. After you’ve finished, you may use the app to initiate the new game remotely so it’s ready when you go back to the sofa.

Accelerate the Refresh Rate of Previous Generation Games

Microsoft has placed a premium on compatibility with older systems since the middle of the previous generation. Unsurprisingly, the Xbox Series X can run Xbox 360 and original Xbox games in addition to Xbox One games. Nonetheless, the Xbox Series X has a hidden function called FPS Boost that allows it to exploit its enhanced graphics capabilities to play older titles at improved framerates.

Games for Xbox 360 and Xbox One that support FPS Boost are carefully curated. When played on Xbox Series X, FPS Boost may increase the frame rate of most games to 60 fps and, in some cases, even to 120 fps. FPS Boost is enabled by default for many games with the capability, although other games require a resolution drop to maintain a smooth 60 frames per second. In such instances, FPS Boost will be disabled by default; the accompanying video demonstrates how to enable it.

Improve the Visual Quality of Outdated Games

The Xbox Series X has FPS Boost and a new function called Auto HDR. Auto HDR lets you enjoy the enhanced visuals of HDR on games that weren’t initially made for HDR, such as those released before the Xbox One X. In the same way that just a few backward-compatible games enable FPS Boost, it’s also challenging to obtain a complete list of games that support Auto HDR.

Although Auto HDR won’t enhance the visuals of backward-compatible games, it will make them seem better, with deeper blacks and more brilliant colors, much like any other HDR media. If your TV is HDR10 capable, you should play your retro games with Auto HDR enabled so that you may enjoy the benefits of this feature with the enhanced visuals.

Boost HDR by using Dolby Vision

Xbox Series X supports Dolby Vision, so if you have a TV that can display this format, you may enjoy even better visuals than with the standard HDR that is included. Xbox Series X|S consoles have had official Dolby Vision compatibility since September, thanks to Microsoft, although not all games are compatible with the technology. According to Microsoft, about a hundred games now support Dolby Vision, but that number is expected to grow.

The attached trailer shows how Dolby Vision enhances the baseline HDR experience. However, remember that the TV you’re using must be Dolby Vision-capable for you to use this function. By pressing the Xbox guide button, navigating to Settings > General > TV & display settings > 4K TV information, you may determine if the TV supports this feature.

Don’t Toss Out Those Old Gamepads

In the game industry, when a new system is introduced, the peripherals for the previous generation become useless. The Super Nintendo controller is not compatible with the Nintendo 64, and the Wii U controller is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch. However, there are some notable outliers, and the Xbox Series X is undoubtedly among them.

You can use your existing Xbox One controllers with the Xbox Series X, but it also comes with a significantly modified controller that takes design cues from the Xbox Elite Controller. Even beyond controllers, Xbox Series X is compatible with various Xbox One peripherals. Want to keep using your old Xbox One stereo headset? In other words, it works. Incredibly, the same holds with the Xbox One Chatpad.

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