Pakistani Sandals for Men: Top 17 Brands

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 29/01/2023
With so many options to choose from, Pakistani men have access to a diverse range of high-quality sandals that cater to their individual needs and style preferences.

In both genders, shoes are an essential part of every outfit. A common misunderstanding holds that women are more particular than men regarding footwear, but people of both genders value having nice shoes. You may choose from a wide variety of Pakistani sandals for men. Considering the extensive selection of men’s footwear offered by these retailers, selecting the ideal model may seem difficult.


Men’s Shoe Brands That Do Well In Pakistan

This article is written just for people who identify with that puzzling subset of the population. This piece looks at the best men’s shoe brands Pakistan has to offer. Online men’s footwear is available from nearly all of these retailers. Don’t buy shoes until you’ve read the entire article the next time around.

1. Hush Puppies

The American shoe business Hush Puppies has a massive and passionate following in Pakistan. Nearly 165 countries have it. It’s pretty standard in Pakistan. This brand always makes the best men’s shoes since they are on top of the latest trends. There’s a wide selection of men’s footwear, and all are built for comfort. Hush Puppies shoes are soft and comfortable. These shoes last a long time and are quite pleasing.


As one of the most popular shoe manufacturers in Pakistan, it offers products at all price levels. The Peshawari Chappals are the most well-known pair of hush puppies shoes for guys. They have widespread fan support across the country.

2. Bata Shoes

After spending time in Pakistan, you will have worn at least one pair of Bata shoes. While Bata is a global brand with storefronts in many different regions, its popularity is highest in South Asia. The Swiss firm designs and manufactures fashionable apparel and accessories. Bata has one of the best Pakistani sandals for men because of its low price.

The company’s legendary back-to-school advertising for students’ shoes has piqued the imagination of many parents. Shoes for guys from Bata are also offered in a wide variety. No other men’s shoe brand is close to its popularity in Pakistan.

3. Ndure

In Pakistan, Ndure is a well-known brand of men’s footwear. It’s a great place to find some solid footwear. Nature makes the finest shoes ever since they are so well-made and comfortable. Shoes, moccasins, and casual chappals are available at Ndure, and the store caters to both men and women. The quality and durability of its footwear make it the most popular option. Ndure is committed to satisfying the need for footwear in Pakistan by providing high-quality products.

Numerous outlets sell one of Pakistan’s most famous lines of men’s shoes. Ndure shoes may be ordered for any family member, no matter where they live. Ndure boots are well-known for their casual style and are available in various colors and patterns.

4. Adidas

Adidas is a famous brand of footwear in Pakistan. Prominent athletes, including Lionel Messi, a footballer for Argentina’s national team, use it. In Pakistan, Adidas sneakers are considered among the best options for sports shoes. So, whether you’re in the activewear market, whether for play or exercise, you’ve come to the right place.

There is a possibility that Adidas footwear is a little bit costly. You may find an Adidas store in Pakistan’s most prominent cities. You may, however, find other online stores that sell imported Adidas sneakers if you like.

5. Aerosoft

There are plenty of shoe factories in Pakistan, and this one makes shoes for guys in the local area. Aerosoft has the footwear you need, from formal to casual. In Pakistan, people often reach for Aerosoft because they are comfortable and relaxed. A pair of Aerosols was a rare item widely held by the general populace. Among local brands, they dominate the market because of how comfortable and high-quality they are.

In the same vein, Aerosoft shoes for men are cheap. They also have a selection of slippers and quality sandals for men and women. They also offer a selection of moccasins and provide the best Pakistani sandals for men.

6. Skechers Shoes

Skechers is another popular and well-known shoe brand in Pakistan. They are universally acknowledged as being of the highest quality. Its shoes have a reputation for being exceptionally cozy. In Pakistan, Skechers is among the top 10 most popular shoe brands for males.

Skechers is your best bet for durable footwear. There is a wide variety of men’s footwear available online. Skechers is known for its unique and instantly recognizable shoe designs. You should get a pair of Skechers if you can afford them.

7. Borjan Shoes

A famous shoe brand in Pakistan, Borjan is popular with both genders. Borjan’s sells shoes for men and women, starting at less than Rs. A wide variety of high-quality footwear is available, from chappals to sneakers to sandals. Borjan shoes may be worn with both dressy and relaxed outfits and they have the best Pakistani sandals for men.

Additionally, some dressy shoes and loafers offer additional support and comfort. Borjan has an elegant, modern aesthetic. Borjan offers men’s footwear both in-store and online.

8. Outfitters

The Outfitters is a famous brand of apparel. It’s a popular label for men’s footwear in Pakistan. The store sells fashionable footwear. Outfitters’ shoe prices tend to be higher than many of the other local shoe manufacturers. If you like sneakers, though, you should check out what they have to offer. Great, cutting-edge footwear is available here.

9. Metro Shoes

Metro is a multi-brand shoe store that first opened in India in 2013. It has since amassed a sizable customer base there. It also has a presence in countries like Pakistan, where the demand for its products is high. One of the key reasons for its quick rise to prominence is its ability to supply high-quality shoes at incredibly affordable pricing. The company sells footwear, and you can buy them online or at a store near you.

10. Servis Shoes

Servis has shoes for everyone who needs them. Servis, established in 1928, is a prominent Pakistani footwear brand. Because of their high standards for quality and comfort, their athletic shoes have gained widespread recognition. The store sells a variety of men’s footwear, including formal chapels, sandals, and casual chappals. The firm has seven labels: Calza, Cheetah, Don Carlos, Liza, Skooz, Soul, and Toz. Servis has hundreds of sites in Pakistan, with at least three in most major cities. Everyone in the household may get their footwear needs met at once.

11. Le Sole

Famous for its finely designed men’s loafers, sandals, and dress shoes, Le Sole Men is a leading name in the shoe industry. Current trends point to their individuality, so we shouldn’t be surprised by the relaxed atmosphere and helpful staff. Their high demand may be attributed mainly to their five-year track record of achievement, which includes high levels of client satisfaction and consistent quality. With a minimum purchase of 4000 Pakistani Rupees, Le Sole provides free shipping across Pakistan.

12. Urban Sole

Is a unique, high-quality pair of shoes what you’re after? You have found the correct address. Urban Sole has been serving its dedicated clientele with premium footwear since 1998. You may shop at their locations in any major city in Pakistan. If you spend above $1500, shipping is on the house.

13. Unze London

The range of men’s shoes at Unze London is extensive. This is a famous foreign brand that has just opened stores in Pakistan. Men may choose stylish footwear, including casual sneakers, dress shoes, and casual and formal sandals and moccasins. You may shop at their locations in many different cities around Pakistan. As an added convenience, they also provide internet purchasing. You may now purchase fashionable footwear from this location.

14. Arino

Men’s footwear from Arino is another popular option in Pakistan. Sandals and slippers are readily available, from the most comfortable to the most luxurious. The leather shoes they sell are of export grade and represent a genuine addition to their stock. Arino sells footwear for men in both eastern and western designs. Boots that Release Oxygen

With locations in economically significant cities like Islamabad, Sialkot, and Peshawar, Oxygen Shoes has made a name for itself in the footwear industry. The company also offers a convenient online shopping experience, with fast and free shipping straight to the customer’s door. Oxygen Shoes’ consumer base has expanded rapidly since the company’s beginning because of the quality and variety of its products and their stylishness and longevity. Oxygen Shoes is an online shoe store that provides doorstep delivery for its customers. They sell footwear for men, women, and children. Due to the company’s adaptability and focus on the consumer, customers may easily swap out or update their equipment.

15. Mochari Shoes

Mochari is another Pakistani luxury label that specializes in high-end footwear and accessories. Mochari aims to sell items that are both fashionable and novel. These high-quality items are, of course, handcrafted so that each pair will have unique qualities.

Mochari asserts that their items’ patterns and color palettes are inspired by Pakistan’s rich cultural history, which is realistic—having to put in extra time and energy to create anything by hand results in a higher price tag. They charge a pretty penny because of the high quality, but they compensate it with unique styles and authentic Pakistani status. Since its introduction in 2014, the company’s stock price has skyrocketed. Given that Mochari is more expensive than the competition, why would anyone choose it? The answer is in its long-term viability. They are environmentally beneficial because they promote regional foods and use local artisans. Order a few shoes from Mochari to demonstrate your patriotism, but make sure you know your size according to the men’s shoe size conversion table, so they fit you properly.

Mochari is a variety that can compete with any name brand on the global market. Winter, essentials, Eid, festive, and many other collections are available. They have more variations of sandals, oxfords, khussas, lace-ups, and ankle boots than we can keep track of. Mochari has you covered for both the office and the after-hours scene. They already have locations in Lahore and Islamabad and plan to build a store in Karachi soon.

16. Epcot

Let me tell you something: Epcot Shoes is heaven on earth for people like me who despise shopping yet require a comprehensive selection of footwear. At Epcot, you may discover a wide variety of shoes suitable for any occasion, from the most formal to the most informal. But that’s not all they sell; they also have a wide selection of proper, casual, and boots. In Epcot, you can buy with confidence knowing that you are purchasing a high-quality item at a reasonable price, while also taking advantage of the season’s hottest trends.

Epcot is the only location to find truly unique styles that are appropriate for any occasion, including the office, the club, the playground, the park, and the dining table. Even if you want to relax and spend time with your pals, Epcot is an excellent choice. If you want to be the ultimate object of (positive) rumor, you should visit Epcot’s newest collection.

17. Nike

Who here does not know the Nike brand? You can’t be too far from civilization on any island and not be familiar with the Nike brand. When you think about innovative sports brands, Nike probably comes to mind. Nike sells everything a sports fan might want, including sportswear, activewear, and shoes.

When I think back on Pakistan, I think of its rich sporting heritage, including cricket, hockey, squash, and many more. As a whole, we are a very sporty and energetic nation. People often on the go can benefit significantly from wearing Nike sneakers. Nike sneakers are great for active men who enjoy running and other types of exercise. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan are just a few of Pakistan’s major cities where you may find a Nike store. They provide the best Pakistani sandals for men.

The value tag on a pair of Nike shoes may seem steep initially, but the brand’s reputation for excellence and cutting-edge design make them well worth the investment. Nike primarily sells athletic and casual clothes, but they also have an extensive activewear and sportswear selection. For Nike, it’s all about providing superior quality and unmatched comfort. Your performance will be enhanced wherever you choose to wear this swoosh logo.

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