Top 13 Pakistani Luxury Pret For 2023

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 31/05/2023
Pakistani luxury pret has grown in prominence in recent years. It is ready-to-wear with high-quality fabrics and attention to detail. Pakistani luxury pret clothes are particularly loved for their comfort and adaptability.

Clothing from Pakistani Luxury Pret Brands that a person wants to wear. The ability to dress well and feel good about oneself is a source of pride in today’s culture. Dress for success. This is because Diana Vreeland believed fashion to be about so much more than just wearing expensive clothing.


Finding the perfect outfit at a flea market might be difficult. But the central question was where to obtain such high-quality, expensive garments. Before the arrival of Luxury Pret Brands in Pakistan via the Internet, this was the most bothersome inquiry ever.

Online shopping has made it possible to quickly and easily locate out-of-stock items previously. The introduction of Luxury Pret Brands into the Pakistani market made this process a breeze. Not everyone enjoys shopping trips to the market, especially those who are overworked and have little spare time.

Everyone values their life, and maintaining good health is a top priority. Clothing stores in the area also failed because of the lockout measures. However, many high-end pret brands may be found operating online in Pakistan. This article lists the top 13 Pret brands available online in Pakistan. Here we’ll go through the best 13 luxury pret online brands in Pakistan.


1. Décor Fashion

In the last decade, Pakistan has become a significant player in the Asian fashion sector. Decor fashion is a top name in Pakistani fashion. It has significantly contributed to the growth of the modern fashion industry by introducing a taste of classical and traditional Pakistani clothing into it.

Among the many types of clothing and accessories it sells are options suitable for both parties and business meetings. This company has satisfied its clientele with excellent products and services in Pakistan. More than thirty thousand gowns of this brand are produced annually and sold through six retail locations. The decor is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious luxury Pret-a-porter labels.

2. Zainab Chottani

The message of Zainab Chottani’s brand is clear: youth equals innovation. Zainab Chottani is known for her unique and eye-catching creations throughout a wide range of dress styles, including casual, haute couture, bridal, formal, and opulent.

Customers highly seek her clothes because of their high quality and unique designs. The majority of this label’s creations are updated on classic styles. She toils away at the garments’ designs, styles, and quality to make them stand out and look spectacular. Zainab Chottani’s label showcases beautiful work on materials like silk, viscose, linen, chiffon, velvet, cambric, and more. The way her garments fit and look always reminds me of a famous remark by Hubert de Givenchy.

3. Natasha Kamal

It’s impossible to miss Natasha Kamal’s gorgeous fashion label while discussing successful Pakistani luxury pret brands. When it comes to Pakistani fashion, Natasha Kamal is a significant player. Her stunning and mind-blowing Pret collections add a dash of glitz to the feminine aesthetic.

Natasha was allowed to represent Pakistan in Paris Fashion Week because of her creations’ exceptional quality and uniqueness. Her thriving company received a boost from this incident in Pakistan and abroad.

4. Phatyma Khan

This High-End Pret Label is renowned for its unique designs, inventive fabric techniques, high-class aesthetic, and vibrant color palette. They try to include cutting-edge designs and trends in their ensemble creations.

5. Baroque

The ornate clothing line is a household name in Pakistan and is among the top luxury Pret-a-porter labels sold online. The pure and high-quality grass, ready-to-wear, embroidered collection, chiffon, Pret, khaddar, and stylish bottoms from this label are what has made it famous.

Their costumes are dazzling, and their designs are just stunning. For its patrons, it’s like getting everything they need in one convenient package. It’s suitable for all those living in Pakistan; they ship for free nationwide.

Baroque’s number one goal is to ensure that their clients are happy. You may have your own custom-made, ready-to-wear dress sewn at their on-site sewing facility. If you’ve ever shopped at Baroque’s online store, you know how home you’ll feel there.

6. Agha Noor

Agha Hira and her sister are the brains behind the successful fashion label Agha Noor, which has made quite a reputation in Pakistan’s competitive fashion market. A considerable part of this brand’s meteoric prominence occurred thanks to its internet footprint.

When compared to similar fashion houses, this label offers better value for the money. Pakistani fashion has an eastern influence, and the designs on their outfits reflect that. This company provides its services to design one-of-a-kind garments to enhance your appearance.

Their products are unique in the ever-expanding fashion sector because of their stunning color combinations, embroidery techniques, motifs, inexpensive price, and great demand.

7. Moazzam Rizwan

Moazzam Rizwan’s clothing line is a frontrunner among online luxury prêt-à-porter retailers in Pakistan. This label is renowned for its exquisitely designed gowns, which always look great on the wearer.

This company offers a wide range of services so that it may be included in the roll call of other cutting-edge fashion houses. It often releases stunning new dress designs, typically containing:

  • Bridal Wear
  • Festive Attire
  • Dress Attire

His designs are classic and elegant, and his attention to detail keeps him at the top of many brides’ lists.

8. Deepak Perwani

One of Pakistan’s most renowned fashion designers, Deepak Perwani, also runs a widely recognized apparel line. Male and female shoppers alike adore his clothesline. As a result of his breathtakingly beautiful gown designs, he has been invited to international fashion weeks.

Deepak Perwani has started designing bridal clothing, marking his debut in the women’s fashion market. A wedding dress is essential to a bride’s special day, but what garment does she want to wear?

A garment that can transform her into a stunning beauty, shining on her big day. The trend-savvy among their guests would constantly suggest these brides check out Deepak Perwani’s latest collection. Undoubtedly, his collection is stunning. This company, however, was able to expand rapidly because of its strong online presence.

9. Sania Maskatiya

The elegant garments of Sania Maskatiya’s fashion line are a welcome addition to any closet. Discover the finest offerings from a world-renowned luxury pret-a-porter label and spruce up your wardrobe. Famous for its exceptional track record, this company has long been producing:

  • Wedding Gowns
  • Dress Attire
  • It’s a Luxury Pret
  • Casual Pret
  • Be Reliable and Prepared to Deliver
  • Exit the Highway
  • The Bare Minimum

If you’re looking for a new dress, go no further than Sania Maskatiya’s recognized and notable dress line. This designer label is known for its high-priced yet high-quality gowns.

10. Karma

The Karma brand is one of the many high-end Pakistani Internet pret retailers. Maheen Kardar, a person of extraordinary skill, is the owner of this label. Her designs and artwork are so stunning and magnificent that we couldn’t leave her company off our list of the top 10 online luxury pret brands in Pakistan.

Night and day, employees of this label strive to make shopping for and wearing their products an experience worthy of a Hollywood star. Here at Karma, we have three lines: Karma Pink, Karma Couture, and Karma Wedding. Karma’s couture in Karachi and Dubai and Karma Pink’s Pret Wear have each won the Lux Style Award.

11. Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is widely recognized as the most talented Pakistani designer in the American and Pakistani fashion industries. His label is considered among Pakistan’s most opulent Pret offerings. As the Pakistani fashion industry expands, Asim Jofa has played a significant role with other groundbreaking Pakistani designers.

The Embroidered Collection, Luxury Lawn, Festive Mysore, and Organza Collections are just a few options from this High-End Ready-to-Wear Label. One thing that sets this premium label apart is how it blends eastern and western fashion influences into its creations.

Those in the public eye, such as models, actors, and politicians, often wear Asim Jofa’s creations because they make them appear more attractive and charming.

Luxury, popularity, and consumer demand have made these three names synonymous with Pakistan. Would you want to don clothes made by these renowned labels? A minimum of eight to ten months in advance appointment scheduling is required to make your dreams come true. The reason for this is that these labels are constantly in demand and rarely have any availability.

12. Elan

Elan has been a driving force in the expansion of Pakistan’s women’s fashion sector for some time. It introduces its clientele to the most cutting-edge styles and wearable gowns.

Quality, sophistication, and impeccable taste have made this label recognized throughout the globe. It’s aimed at the unconventionally-minded woman. Designer apparel from this high-end pret label ranges from cutting-edge to classic, delicately embellished to elaborately stitched.

It caters to a wide range of clientele by offering a wide range of services. Due to the great demand, its designs may be found year-round in the most exclusive boutiques in Pakistan and beyond.

13. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s bridal collection is unquestionably the best-selling and most-worn label in Pakistan. If you’re looking for a high-end Pret brand that delivers to Pakistan, you can find HSY among them.

Shoppers may choose from a wide variety of gowns, sarees, formal kurtas, and even bridesmaid dresses. This High-End Pret Brand is highlighted here because of the extraordinary originality, high quality, and fashionable demand that have made it a household name.

All of the products from this high-end label are first-rate. It’s worth noting that HSY has shown his incredible talent by contributing to several national and international exhibitions.


Notable progress has been made in Pakistan’s fashion sector in recent years. Pakistani designers work long hours to prove they can compete with the world’s top fashion houses. Because of their perseverance, devotion, passion, and excitement, they are now recognized as leaders in the Pakistani fashion industry and in other developed nations.

The work of our designers is now widely admired in various international markets, including the United States, Dubai, India, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Italy, and many more. The wonderful thing about Pakistani fashion labels is that they include elements of classical and traditional styles in their modern creations.

Indeed, they owe an obligation to the community for their efforts. However, achieving meteoric success in Pakistan and other nations, particularly in such a short time, was difficult without a solid online presence. Thanks to the success of their online marketing strategies, these companies have quickly become household names all over the world.

Exponential business growth requires putting your best foot forward in front of the global market rather than just one local audience. Promote your business so people will recognize your name when they need your services.

Today, offline strategies are useless if you want to achieve the prestige that comes from dominating the internet marketplace. To join the ranks of these Pakistani Luxury Pret Brands operating online, your clothing line must have a web presence.

Finally, these Pakistani Luxury Pret Brands are for you if you’re a fashionista who wants to improve your appearance to suit worldwide standards. Use these firms’ mind-blowing and eye-opening collections to create unforgettable wedding and eid celebrations, parties, musical evenings, cat parties, ramp walks, and fashion displays.

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