Ayyan: Pakistan’s Most Searched Celebrity

Sunny Leone might be most searched celebrity in Google all around the globe but Pakistani Supermodel Ayyan is no less. She is the hottest search on Google Pakistan.

It is no wonder that soon Ayyan might be one of the top searched celebrities in Google globally. She was born on 30th of July 1993 and is only 20 years old. It is quite amazing that only in the age 20 she has become one of the most prominent supermodels of Pakistan.

Not only in modern ways of modelling but she has earned a reputation in traditional modelling as well. One of the youngest models in Pakistan who has rapidly progressed and the pace she is going at promises her a bright future.

Her career is remarkable as she has already appeared in TV representing one of the most popular Telecom companies in Pakistan i.e. Ufone. She has been teaming up with a much cherished team of Meekal Hassan, Faisal Qureshi and Adeel Hashmi in Ufone commercials. These three names are known all around Pakistan for their humorous content and brilliantly executed commercials for Ufone.




In addition she has been working with top notch Pakistani designers like Hassan Shahryar Yaseen (HSY), Karma and Tabassum Mughal. Ayyan has done Bridal Photoshoots as well.

pakistani_model_ayyan_1-200x300 pakistani_model_ayyan_5 Pakistani-Female-Model-Ayyan-4 pakistani_model_ayyan_2 Ayyan Pakistani Model ayyan


Ayyan is awarded with Best Female Model at the Lux Style Award last year as well. This title was awarded to her for promoting the competition for Magnum. Magnum is a premium ice cream brand in Pakistan.

Ayyan003 Ayyan004 Ayyan005

Not only local appearance in TV commercials and fashion shows but she has also been approached by famous global brand Calvin Kline. Ayyan Ali is acknowledged by Calvin Kline with “Calvin Kline Beauty” title that in simple words mean that she is a brand ambassador to the Calvin Kline brand.

Ayyan001 Ayyan002 Ayyan006

Now once again, the career of Ayyan has some more amazing feats to it as she is the only Pakistani Supermodel to have appeared in fashion shows held at Paris, London and Australia. One of the most amazing achievements entitled only to Ayyan is that she is the only Pakistani Supermodel that appeared with international sensation Omar Borkan Al Gala in Asiana magaizne’s couture walk. She recently requested her fans that she’d feel comfortable if she is addressed by her first name only i.e. Ayyan.

Ayyan007 Ayyan008 Ayyan018

This huge list of achievements has been scored by her only in a short span of time and it is just the beginning. She has a very long way to go and if she continues to keep up the current pace, it is no wonder that soon she will be one of the most searched celebrities on Google globally and will leave behind Sunny Leone by a very long margin.

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