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Shahid Khan Afridi Biggest Six

Biggest Six in Cricket History by Boom Boom Shahid Afridi

(Last Updated On: 25/03/2013)

Shahid Khan Afridi keeps coming with surprises and thats why he is super star of cricket world, he has got many records to his name and this time he adds another to his name and that is biggest ever six in cricket history. Yes, it was 158 meters long, Afridi hit it against South Africa in 3rd ODI at Johannesburg on March 17, 2013 in which he made 88 runs of just 48 balls. In that innings Afridi hit 7 sixes. It really looked like rain sixes when Afridi was on the pitch. Theshahid afridi in action
moment it was hit Billy Bowden called for the new ball because he was sure that it wont come back. As everyone knows Afridi has a habbit of hiting sixes it seems that he play cricket just for hitting sixes and loves to swing his bat take the ball out of the stadium. Lets have a look at biggest top five sixes.

  1. Shahid Khan Afridi Vs South africa lenght 158 metres long.
  2. Chris Gayle Vs South Africa 147 meter long.
  3. Shane Watson Vs Banglades 143 meters long.
  4. Shahid Khan Afridi Vs New Zealand 139 meters long.
  5. JP Duminy Vs Scotland 136 meters long.

if we see Afridi hit 11 meters longer six than second ever biggest six and Afridi’s name can also be seen at number 4 for his 139 meters long six against New Zealand. Its always great watching Afridi setting up new records and making game of cricket more entertaining.
Biggest Six in Cricket History by Shahid Afridi:


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