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23 Marrieges of One Girl with Help of Marriage Bureau

Pakistani Girl 23 Marriages Scandal

Muzaffar Garh is a small town of Multan where a scandal popped out of a young girl with 23 grooms. It is actually a fraud case by a gang who owns a marriage bureau.  They claim to organize & manage marriage and in return charge 100,000 PKR for each one. After the 23rd marriage of the gang member “Bride” , she was captured and then the whole story unveiled.
The bluffing group used to operate a “Marriage Bureau” to hunt for ‘’Young Boys” from good family backgrounds and they suggest them a “girl” in search of a groom; and then according to the plan they offer the groom-to-be to organize and bear all the marriage expenses in just Rs. 100.000.
So after arranging the Fake Nikkah and Wedding of their “Gangster Bride”, they let the girl go to the groom’s house to collect all the money and jewels within night and run away. Twenty-two times this game was played and thus twenty two grooms were looted in this manner, but on the twenty-third time, when the girl tried to run away with all jewels and money her groom caught her red handed.

The master mind of this fraud scandal is Sheikh Imran aka Billu, Javed and Rabia who took 95 thousand rupee from Akbar of Thatta Sialan (a small district), he offered Rabia’s hand to him for fake marriage. Rabia after getting caught told the entire story to her groom that they used to take one Lac for a wedding and then run away just after the Nikkah with all ornaments and money back to her gang. Money making while using short cuts is very common these days. People are seen to go for it, ignoring the devastating aftermaths of such evil practices. Rabia and her gang is captured and we hope that they must be punished according to law.
Marriage is a sacred institution but in our culture one practice that must be shunned now on marriages is show off of money and class. Pakistani traditional weddings are full of exaggeration. It is very important to give expensive gifts in the form of gold ornaments and money to the bride which has proven to be really fatal for the humble families. If marriages are simple then such scandals would cease to occur.

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