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10 most popular hairstyles for Girls in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 28/09/2015)

We can’t come with a fix popularity list among girls, as this changes by every passing day.  Sometimes the latest trends are in and some day they are with vintage styles. Whatever, girls better know how to deal with it.

If we talk about Asian girls inclusive Pakistani girls, mostly styles part of their lives are same as in Europe or America but they get a little change in it to rise with a touch of Asian region.

Here are the popular hairstyles for girls in Pakistan:


Bouncy Ponytail: For must, this hairstyle is the most simple and delicate out of them all. Hair in it are tightly hooked up, which looks like a waggy tail.


Messy hairbun: The hair are not neatly packed as they are usually, its name better speaks for it, ‘messy’. However, it gives gorgeous looks when a sharp color lipstick is used with it.


Fish-tail braid: Fishtail style is quite popular worldwide and is done in various ways. The style quite much resembles with traditional Pakistani style, in simple terms you can call it a ice-cream with a ‘desi’ topping on it.



Bob hairstyle: The hairstyle can be named as ‘all time favorite in Pakistan’. The simple looking hairstyle, makes you look much more prettier than you are. As this hairstyle is available in short bob, long bob and others. You just have to choose which of the cut will suit your facial structure and go on !


Bun with sides off: In this hairstyle, there aren’t much hair on the side, as the hair are totally packed neatly on top. The bun on top looks quite delicate as front hairs are pinned and up there is a bun. This is something really impressive to carry on with it.

Aishwarya-Rai-Hairstyle (1)

Ballet bun with tradition: The ballet bun is one of the everlasting style. Although, many other forms of bun are derived from it but till know it has its own authenticity. The style is garnished as looking the tradition in view. And it is one of the famous style of women in Pakistani marriages.


Criss-cross locks: The style is  all about elegance, in this hair downward are set free but the hair above are combined with criss-crossing locks and are pinned down.


Fishtail-pony on one side: It is something to try on party and function, two of the common styles are merged to form a new exquisite style.


Waterfall braid hairstyles: In this style you look as high as water tides, the swirls in your hairs looks magnificent. The style is not much used casually in Pakistan as this is widely preferred in some high-level functions by Pakistani girls.


Scarf-tied hairstyle: The style is also getting famous, in this hairs are tied with band, depending on your choice. The style also gives rise to your creative way of representing new style with use of  hair-band.

Cute hairstyle with scarf headbands for summer-horz

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