Cricket facts that will make you insane, hard to believe!

Cricket is a gentleman game, no doubt about that. The way this game has been entertaining and changing our lives, is something to keenly observed. The most popular South Asian sport is spreading rapidly across the globe, more than 100 teams directly or indirectly are attached to international professional body of cricket, International Cricket Council (ICC).

Here are some facts or records of some kind, which will surely be hard for you to believe.

Here we go:

Sultan of Multan takes Brian Lara 
The Caribbean star Brian Lara is the one of the greatest all time batsman and Inzamam-ul-Haq is  regarded as one of the greatest Asian batsman. But do you know, Inzamam aka Sultan of Multan did something that is utmost desire of every bowler. That proves he was also good with the bowl or fortune worked in his favor. Inzi was brought in attack by great Imran Khan, when Lara was on the strike and was looking confident on the wicket. But Inzamam with his first ball of cricket career took Lara with help of Moin Khan, who behind the stumps made no mistake to catch something ‘unbelievable’.




Wasim Akram has something more in batting than greatest batsman Sachin Tendulkar
Without a single second of thinking, Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman ever. Sachin has many records which seems to be never surpassed by any. But here is something Wasim Akram has left Sachin behind in batting. Although, Wasim Akram was a spectacular bowler, even dreadful for many of the world class batsmen. Wasim Akram’s highest test innings score of 257 which higher than Sachin’s best of 248 in Test innings.


Pakistan’s Test Captain and Pakistan’s T20 Caption are incredible in record:
Yeah, we’re talking about Misbah-ul-Haq and Shahid Afridi. These two players are someone Pakistan cricket revolves around. They both have united the team even after severe crisis of Spot fixing Scandal. Both these stars had set several world records but when they are in a pic they also share something really interesting. Misbah-ul-Haq has never scored hundred in ODI’s and Afridi has never played 100 balls in an ODI. This is something new to be captioned for their pic or describing these two stars together.


Magician Saeed Ajmal never won Man of the Match
Yeah, this is something difficult to believe, Saeed Ajmal who has represented Pakistan in 110 ODI’s had never been awarded Man of the Match (MoM). The magician spinner have been troubling many cricket stars but not for much longtime as he is nowadays going through crisis after getting his bowling action clear.



Oh I wish! There should be Ishant Sharma
The talented bowler has bowled some incredible bowling spells but do you know about his fielding talent; he is wish of the every batsman. Why is this?
Ishant is notorious for his fielding as his dropped catches are the main reason behind some awesome innings from the opponent side. He dropped these ‘cricket hunks’ on scores below 50 and what they did is now part of history.

Alistair Cook’s 294 runs in 2011
Michael Clarke’s 329 in 2012
Brendon McCullum’s 302 in 2014

Credits: Ishant Sharma


Don’t mess with Steyn-gun
The furious fast bowler from South Africa can be regarded as the greatest bowler in previous decade. He’s possession meets no companion and he has decamped many of the leading batsmen of the recent world with his bullet-speed fast bowling. If we look at the ICC Test Ranking, Steyn has been enjoying the top slot since 2008 that proves his strength on the board. Still now he has a huge difference with the person lying second to him in the ranking.

Dale Steyn: 905 points
Stuart Board: 835 points



 Little Master Hanif Mohammad is unstoppable
What if the batsman becomes dominant against the most dangerous bowling attack of the time. This is not all and even the batsman place a long enough innings to be called as World’s longest innings. That simply means, the greater proves to be greatest. In, 1957-58 Hanif Mohammad scored 337* notout against West Indies at Bridgetown. His innings constituted of more than 16 hours (970 minutes). This record can’t be broken in today’s cricket and Hanif ‘s stability and nerve control on the wicket meets no companion.


Shaminda Eranga showed something never seen before
He is currently playing cricket for SriLanka. He might be a good bowler but the record he set is something which is can’t even reachable by the champions. Shaminda becomes the first bowler to grab his 1st wicket in first over, making his debut in all three formats, T20, ODI and Test.



Sachin you bowler !
Regarded as the best batsman ever, has something more than it to to show you, Tendulkar has done something which not ever done by any of the bowler. Sachin is the only bowler to defend 6 or less runs in the last over twice. He achieved this feat playing against West Indies and South Africa.

Sachin Tendulkar bowls during a ODI the Rosebowl in Hampshire

Whispering death with great accuracy
West Indian bowling attack has been dominating in World cricket for a long time. Caribbean bowlers having height more than 6 feet and pace more than a running tiger had destroyed many strong batting line-ups. Michael Holding was the central figure of West Indies that time. An incredible thing about him is his accuracy in bowling. He had bowled 5473 bowls (900 overs) without a single wide, second on this record is also a West Indian. Hats off to these Caribbean stars.

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