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How to Create Account at Mobilink Jazz eCare to Get Call & SMS History

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 07/12/2015)

Just like other network operating in Pakistan, Mobilink has also an eCare portal that is designed for the purpose of making the subscribers of Mobilink able to check their card records, SMS details and much more. Mobilink Jazz e-Care is for prepaid customers only. By using the service of Mobilink Jazz e-Care, customer of Mobilink can track the number details, view all recharge history, activated services, view the account detail history, current bonuses, and can check the remaining free minutes and SMS. In short, Mobilink E-Care Portal lets the customers of Mobilink to take full control over their cell phone account.

Those Mobilink customers who want to avail this service are required to get themselves register. To register for the service click here Online Mobilink Jazz e-Care.

Enter the mobile number (Jazz or Jazba), valid email address and enter the provided captcha characters to prove the identity, check on the “I agree to the Mobilink Terms & Conditions” and click on register.1

A PIN code will be sent by the Mobilink on your mobile and you are then redirected to PIN verification page. Enter the PIN to complete registration process. The subscriber will then get an email with password on the given email address during registration.

Now enter the Jazz or Jazba number and the password to login into the portal.2

Now the user can view its current profile along with their package and email details. Move to My Account Details in My Account tab.Mobilink_ecare-Portal-detail-598x1024

After signing in the account, customer will be presented with all details.

The customer can change the email and password also in from the Change E-Mail Address & Change Password tab respectively.

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