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Zong Punjab Offer: Subscription details

(Last Updated On: 07/12/2015)

The China Mobile Company held Zong is progressing by leaps and bounds, with showing some inventiveness in the field, and bringing up some new initiatives, this is what Zong is all about.

Offers and Packages  are some of the telecos tactics to lure customers to be with them. The offers should be beneficial and captivating for the customer, this is the aim of around every of the established cellular provider company in Pakistan. Similarly, like the Punjab Offer and Kashmir Offer introduced by Zong, relates to all of the residents of the respective areas and this tactic also develops keen interest of the customers.

Here we’ll be telling you about the Punjab Offer initiated by Zong.

This voice offer is specifically for the Zong users of Punjab, with just subscribing it you can make unlimited calls to all Zong numbers across the country at just Rs 12+tax/day.

Surely, this voice offer is an icing on the cake for the Zongers enjoying fast speed 4G Internet. With all this we can’t undermine that Zong is the 3rd largest cellular provider in Pakistan in terms of market share.

How to Subscribe?

  • Dial *522#, or
  • Write “PK” and send to 522

The point here should be mentioned are that after enabling this package for the day you can’t avail Conference Call within the Punjab Offer. Secondly, the package in auto-recursive means that if you have sufficient amount in your mobile the next day this package gets automatically started on your SIM.

Product Details (by Zong )

  • Customers of Punjab province can make unlimited free Zong to Zong calls with one MB free internet
  • Subscription price of Punjab offer is Rs 12+tax+Mobile Internet Service Charges daily
  • To subscribe: Dial *522# or SMS “PK” to 522
  • Subscription will be valid for one calendar day
  • The offer will be auto-recursive, provided customer has sufficient balance
  • Call set up of Rs 0.10+tax will be applicable on every call
  • Withholding tax of 14% applies on recharge/bill
  • 19.5% FED is applicable on usage in Punjab, KPK & Baluchistan. 18% FED is applicable in Sindh. 18.5% FED is applicable in rest of Pakistan

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