Sexual Harassment Viral Video: Waqar Zaka Announces Reward for Identifier   

Once again Wakar Zaka has discovered a video showcasing harassing a woman publicly in Pakistan and sadly on 14th of August when the nation was celebrating Independence Day. A group of boys was celebrating on some unknown road where traffic was jammed. Two guys move forward while someone in their friends was recording with his mobile camera. One of the guys sits behind a woman in burqa who was sitting behind her younger one on a motorcycle. He grabs her and makes fun of her. The woman is seen to have been standing near the motorcycle when another guy grabs her and swings her in his arms.

Waqar Zaka exposes eve-teaser, announces prize… by Ahmad_Rajput

Waqar Zaka has announced 50,000 Rupees for the person who will tell him about the two guys. One of the guy’s face is clearly visible in the video while the second one is still a mystery. Waqar Zaka asks whole nation to help him find these guys as it is a case which shows that women are not safe in Pakistan despite the fact that this is an Islamic country.

Different people termed this video as prank or just for fun video but there are others who are clearly stating that this is a real life female sexual harassment and must be dealt with. Wakar Zaka also stated clearly in the video message he recorded to find these guys that this is not a publicity stunt and fans of his page should seriously consider finding the guys rather than sending him fake addresses or fake people.

Waqar Zaka has been famous for his publicity stunts but there are few occasions where he did something really appreciable like this very incident and coverage of the Burma Muslims’ slaughter on which the whole world was silent including our very government.

Some of us still think that it is a publicity stunt by Waqar Zaka but at least he is not trying to cover up this video by saying that it is just for fun or a stunt. At least we should give him the credit that he is more courageous than most of us by clearly saying that this is absolutely wrong.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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