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Asrar, Mai Dhai & Rekha Bhardwaj to perform at Shaan-E-Pakistan 2016

(Last Updated On: 28/02/2016)

If we closely observe what brings Pakistan-India to hold friendly relations is none other than music as both the countries are quite inclined towards to the music. In their own patterns some term music as part of their religion and many justifies it as a treat for soul. Consequently, it can be said that music is an important part for both the nations.

You all might have heard about cricket diplomacy or mango diplomacy between India and Pakistan but it has numerous times turned out futile for the people who are buzzing to hold good relations cross border. But amid this we didn’t get this in our minds that music has been playing a pivotal role in making us united as artists are people without borders.

Shaan-E-Pakistan is a collaboration of Pakistan and India, which is initiated by Huma Nassr, the owner of Brand Braahti, which has stores both in Karachi and New Delhi. The main intention behind pulling this was to get India-Pakistan stars jamming and provoke a relation between residents of both tsshe countries os they could expand trade and witness busies growth mutually.

The first edition of Shaan-E-Pakistan was held in New Delhi in September 2015, now the second edition of this will be held at Lahore from March 20-22.

Although, this event is about bringing fashion designers, handicraft industries, culinary forces and retail brands at a stop but it will also be lauding the music contribution as it will be showing a concert named ‘Ek Shaam Dosti Ke Naam’ in which Pakistani and Indian artist will be spreading music sensation around.

LUX presents Shaan-E-Pakistan ‘Kya Dilli Kyaa Lahore’

Date: March 20-22, 2016

Ek Shaam Dosti Ke Naam (Concert)

Artists: Mai Dhai, Asrar, Rekha Bhardwaj

Venue: Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore

Timings: Sunday, March 20 at 6:30 pm

Book Ticket Online: http://bit.ly/ekshaam
Book Ticket on Call: 0313-7786888
Ticket prices:
[EARLY BIRD till 7th March] Single Standard Pass – Rs. 2999
VIP Pass – Rs. 7000
-Valet Parking
-Red Carpet Entrance
– Buffet Food
-Activity Area


The venue will be disclosed at a later date to ticket holders only.

For Group Booking (VIP) or VVIP Lounges:
[email protected]

For further details contact:

Shaan-E-Pakistan Facebook

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