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Pakistani Passport Ranked 2nd Worst in the World

Passport – that is a legal travel document of any person – has a very importance. If you want to travel across the globe then you have to admit this phenomenon that the country at the back of passport you have really matters. If you are holding the passport of such type of country that possesses good fame and face at international level then the doors of the world are open upon to you. Unfortunately, if your passport is backed by a country that is very down on the international level then this will be a serious concerning matter because it could happen that you will be treated badly at the international airport, or maybe you are awaited much by the regulatory authorities or you may totally turn downed by the authorities.

Well the recent study over the visa and travel facilities and restrictions, German’s passport is said to be the best passport and over homeland, Pakistan, for the second time declared again as the second worst passport in the world. A lot of factors are behind the rank of Green Passport that are in the shape of visa restrictions, terrorism and many others.

Year on Year Declining Position of Green PassportCapture

The report named Visa Restrictions Index & Global Travel Freedom 2016 published by The Henley & Partners in collaboration with Air Transport Association (IATA) has shown the real value of Pakistani passport and why it is the second worst passport in the world. The report is based on the parameter of the visa-free traveling assurance to the maximum number of countries by the each country and territory. With the passage of time instead of getting improvement, Green Passport has achieved the minimum credible position. In 2006, the overall ranking of Pakistan passport was 79 that is now raised to 103. Meanwhile, Afghani Passport is at the top for being the worst passport in the world with the overall rank of 104.

Here is the declining graph of Pakistani passportpassport 2

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